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The people on the side were dumbfounded by this sudden shot!

In an instant, the wails of ghosts and wolves filled the air.

The other dozen or so kidnappers, who were squatting at the side with their hands tied behind their backs, watched helplessly as the young girl fired a shot without warning.

All of them tensed up, and no one dared to make a sound, afraid that they would become her next cannon fodder.

Mu Feichi seemed to have been shocked by Yun Xis sudden shot as well.

He glanced at the leader of the kidnappers, who had been shot in the calf.

As expected, his baby knew his limits.

Why did he like the simple, overbearing, and unreasonable protective behavior that she exhibited

“Baby, girls shouldnt be so rough!”

Mu Feichi reached out to take the gun from her hand.

His expression was as if he was afraid that she would accidentally hurt herself by firing the gun.

Yun Xi rolled her eyes when she saw this.

His acting was not professional at all.

“Alright, stop howling!” Turning around, she lifted her leg and kicked the man in the sunglasses, reminding him, “If you continue howling like this, youll lose too much blood and die if youre not careful.

Anyway, there are no surveillance cameras on this deserted road.

Since I dared to do this to you, you should know that Im not afraid to leave you to die in such a place.”

“Y-You… Youre so young, but youre so vicious! What do you want”

“Compared to you guys, Im still far behind!” She snorted slightly and squatted down to look at the malevolent-looking man.

“I didnt want to do anything to you guys anyway.

If you had answered my question properly just now, would you still have to suffer physical pain”

“What do you want to know” The man glared fiercely at the girl who was acting innocent in front of him.

If he hadnt been shot just now, he wouldnt have believed that he had provoked such a devil!

At such a young age, her moves were quick, accurate, and ruthless!

Despite his fierce appearance, Yun Xi was instead extremely patient.

She raised her hand and pulled down the sunglasses on his nose, throwing them to the side.

“Dont waste your energy; you cant kill me with your gaze.

Answer a few questions now.

First, who sent you here”

The man snorted and turned his head away, putting up a last-ditch struggle.

“No one sent us here.

We only took action when you hit our car first!”

“Im not very patient.

If I shoot you again, I think I can sever your leg and put it in a glass container to soak in formalin.

You can even display it in your house! I promise that it wont rot until you die!”

“You…” The man in the sunglasses, who was originally pale from the pain, turned white again.

He was so angry that he trembled as he glared at the evil girl in front of him.

He hesitated for a while before speaking.

“We dont know who sent us.

We only know that it was a man.

We-we contacted him by phone.

He gave us a clue that you would come to Y City and hired us to kidnap you.”

“You contacted him by phone Where is that person Didnt you see him How did he give you the money”

“We didnt see him! He called us and specified a location for us to get the money.

When we arrived, there was only a luggage bag with a photo of you in it.”

Yun Xi carefully considered his words and began to eliminate all those who might have a grudge against her.

“Oh It looks like hes an anti-tracking expert! Isnt he afraid that you wont do anything after receiving the money”

“He only gave us a deposit.

After the deed is done, we will collect the final payment at the designated location.”

“I dont know.

He said that he would contact me to get the money after everything was done.

If we cant get it done, he wont contact me again.”

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