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“If you cant contact him, how will he know if youve achieved your mission”

“He said that he would receive the news even without my informing him.

He would immediately give me the rest of the money once I was done.”

Yun Xi frowned and thought for a bit.

“Second question, how many people did you bring this time”

“25…” Yun Xi raised her eyes and gave Xiaoer a look.

Xiaoer hurriedly said, “Currently, weve only caught 22 of them! Three of them have gotten away!”

“What about the other three” She looked at the man in the sunglasses and asked.

“Theyre all waiting at the border.

If I dont call them at the designated time, they will go straight back.”

“This is interesting.

You actually mobilized 25 men to kidnap a girl like me.

Are you and your gang all freeloaders”

“Im free to do so…” The man snorted and looked away shiftily.

Yun Xi seemed to have understood something as she suddenly stood up.

Her expression immediately darkened.

“Xiaoer, Xiaosi, conduct a thorough search! Use all the skills that youve learned about narcotics investigation!”

“Nar-narcotics” For a moment, Xiaosi was stunned.

His expression changed and he cooperated with Xiaoer to search their van.

At that moment, Ye Shenshous car arrived.

He hurriedly got out of the car and heaved a sigh of relief after confirming that they were fine.

“How is it Have you caught everyone”

“Three have escaped, but its alright.

Their boss is here!”

Ye Shenshou glanced at the man on the ground whose legs were still bleeding and pretended not to see him.

However, he saw Xiaoer and Xiaosi, who were searching for something.

“What are they looking for”

“Theyre searching for narcotics.

These people came here in a group of 25 just to kidnap a girl like me.

Isnt this too much”

Ye Shenshou frowned and asked, “You suspect that theyre dealing drugs”

Yun Xi turned around to look at Ye Shenshou.

She narrowed her eyes and smiled.

“They came in from the sea route.

Even if they came in batches and carried drugs with them, Im afraid it would not have been easy to get through customs.

However, their entire group of 20-odd people came in unscathed.

That can only mean one thing—they have insiders in the customs!”

“…” Ye Shenshous eyes twitched, and the back of his hands felt cold.

“Brother, if they had specially come to kidnap me this time and use the drug trafficking route that theyve already arranged beforehand, Im afraid the customs director of Y City will lose his job.”

Ye Shenshou did not look too good after hearing this.

After all, this was not a small matter.

It was very likely to become the trigger point and draw out a lot of connections.

The Ye family had kept a low profile for many years.

Once they were implicated in this matter, they would definitely face even more unpredictable consequences.

This situation came too suddenly, and Ye Shenshou was clearly unprepared to deal with the storm.

Mu Feichi seemed to have noticed Ye Shenshous worry, and patted his shoulder gently.

“Dont worry.

The situation is still under our control.

We still have time to deal with it.”

As soon as Mu Feichi opened his mouth, Yun Xi understood Ye Shenshous worries.

She turned to look at Xiaoer and Xiaosi, who had searched the car once, and asked with a frown, “How is it”

“Miss Yun, we didnt find anything.” Xiaoers expression was crestfallen.

They searched all the places that could hide drugs, but they didnt find anything.

Yun Xi blinked in consideration, lowering her eyes to look at the man in sunglasses who had his head lowered, enduring the pain silently.

She suddenly thought of another possibility.

If they were using this opportunity to transport drugs, too many people would make them a bigger target.

How could she have forgotten another possibility

“Then theres no need to look anymore.

If I didnt guess wrongly, they…” Yun Xi kicked the man in the sunglasses and released a cold snort.

“Theyre trafficking drugs in their bodies!”

“What” Ye Shenshou gasped when he heard her words.

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