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Although Miss Yun had given the order, Xiaoer and Xiaosi glanced at Mu Feichi in tacit understanding.

Seeing that he did not have any reaction, they walked up to her and held the driver down from both sides.

They reached out to take off the drivers clothes.

“Tsk, Jinzhi.

Your darlings way of doing things is really simple and crude! With this cut, even if he doesnt die, he would at least be half dead, right If she accidentally cuts the wrong area, he might end up having no descendants!”

Ye Shenshou deliberately raised his voice so that the kidnappers could hear him.

He knew very well that if the girl really wanted to take action, she would have done so long ago.

Furthermore, once he confirmed that these people were truly drug traffickers, he would have to start working much faster at interrogating them.

Therefore, no matter what, he had to keep up with the performance.

“L-Let me go! I-Im just a driver.

I dont know anything.”

The driver was held down by Xiaoer and Xiaosi.

He moved his legs about and struggled with all his might.

His eyes were fixed on the scalpel in Yun Xis hand, afraid that she would accidentally cut off his testicles.

He would not be able to have any descendants if she really made a move!

“Dont be nervous.

Although my dissection skills arent very good, this scalpel is sharp enough.

If I cut the wrong part, I can always do it again.”

“No, no… I, Ill tell you everything!” The driver gave in.

Beside him, the man in the sunglasses suddenly turned his head.

His legs could not exert any strength, so he directly lowered his head and knocked into the driver.

“Hold him down!” Yun Xi shot a look at Xiaoer and Xiaosi.

The two of them quickly pulled the man in the sunglasses away.

Yun Xi glanced at the driver.

“You can speak now!”

The driver glanced at the man in the sunglasses and took a few steps back while trembling.

“Boss, I-I have parents and children.

My mother only has one son, and I am not married yet.

I cant die here!”

“Skip the nonsense.

Who wants to hear you say these things” Yun Xi raised her hand to look at the time.

She stood up and kicked the driver.

“Hurry and spill!”

“We-we have more than 20 people here.

We-we did bring a lot of drugs with us in our bodies.

This time, we did not bring a lot of them, but they were all new drugs.

The price is twice as much as those being circulated on the black market.

After we received the mission to kidnap you, Boss wanted to send these new drugs to the border.

The buyers there paid a lot of money for them…”

“Idiot! Shut up! Since youll die anyway, I might as well kill you first!”

The driver had exposed all of their secrets.

The man in the sunglasses wasnt able to stop himself.

He ran toward the driver hysterically.

Xiaoer and Xiaosi pushed him down effortlessly.

Yun Xi looked at the man in the sunglasses, whose eyes were filled with resentment, and then looked at the driver, who backed away to the side of the car.

She snorted slightly.

“I didnt think that a driver like you would have such a high status in this group of people.

I really didnt choose the wrong person!”

“These guys rely on human body drug trafficking!” Ye Shenshou stared at the group of people on the road with a gloomy face.

He had a bad feeling that a storm was coming.

Yun Xi turned around and looked at Ye Shenshou.

“Brother Ye, Ill leave this to you.

You should have a way to get the drugs out of these guys bodies.

I wont be involved in such a disgusting thing! Their drug trafficking line runs from the sea to the border.

There must be quite a lot of people from the bottom line.

Youre familiar with Y City.

If you want to investigate thoroughly, Im afraid youll have to work with the narcotics bureau.”

“I understand.

This is no small matter.

Ill get someone to handle it immediately.”

“We have to rush back to Jingdu.

Ill leave these people to you.

Before our plane lands, I hope you can find out who theyre reporting to.

After all, they came from Jingdu.

Also, I suspect that they are related to the group we are investigating.

If you find any clues, please tell me immediately.”

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