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As if he had guessed that Yun Xi would react in that way, Xiaosi wasnt surprised.

He deliberated for a moment before saying, “Boss said that he only has one daughter and that he will do everything he can to ensure your safety! He wont stop you from doing whatever you want, so just treat it as training for you! When you need help, he will do his best to support you! Theres only one non-negotiable thing, and that is to ensure your safety.”

Hearing his words, Yun Xi understood.

Back then, Miss Rong, who was also her mother, had gone missing.

For Xiao Jinglin, it was probably a hurdle that he could never overcome.

Now that he had finally found her, he would never let that happen again.

“I understand.” Yun Xi released a slight sigh, feeling sorry for all the parents in the world.

“In the future, no matter what happens, I will always prioritize my safety and life above everything else.”

Xiaosi nodded slightly.

“Brother Jins boss has already been investigated by Xiaoliu.

Although the Xiao family doesnt have any dealings in this area, Bosss connections are there.

If we spend some time, well be able to find some clues.

Young Miss, please be patient.

To uproot such a large transnational criminal organization, apart from needing internal help and arrangements, we also need to have a thorough plan laid out.

Otherwise, if we alert the enemy, itll be difficult to make another move in the future.”

No matter who it was, as long as Miss Xiaos safety was at stake, the boss would not let anyone off the hook.

“I understand.” Yun Xi nodded, waves of warmth flowing through her chest.

In Yun Yuanfengs eyes in her previous life, she had been nothing more than a chess piece with value.

To advance in his career, he could even send her to his superiors bed.

In the eyes of her so-called father, there was no father-daughter relationship, only exploitation and benefits to be reaped.

For more than twenty years, she had never truly felt the warmth of a fathers love, nor had she ever experienced the care and concern of her biological father.

The heavens had suddenly given her everything that she had never dared to dream of.

She felt as nervous and anxious as if she had gotten rich overnight.

She was afraid that once she got used to this life, she would wake up from her dream one day.

Mu Feichi and Xiao Jinglin had the same tacit understanding about not letting her put herself in danger.

The fourth and fifth days of the Lunar New Year were already nearing the end of the festivities.

Qi Yichen left the Qi residence after lunch on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

Qi Linzhou had arranged for a few high-ranking officers to visit his house earlier on to pave the way for Qi Yichen.

However, he could not guess that the usually proud and arrogant young master of the Qi family would not give him any face at all.

He left before the high-ranking officers even arrived.

The moment he got into the car, Lu Zheng glanced at the man in the rearview mirror.

He started the car and reported formally, “Boss, Young Commander Mu and Miss Yun went to Y City yesterday.”

“I know.

Doesnt he visit his grandfather every year What happened”

Lu Zheng took the folder from the front passenger seat and passed it to the person behind him.

“Someone hired a few drug dealers to kidnap Miss Yun.

25 of them were captured at once.

The Ye family and the police from Y City have been working together to investigate this matter and uncovered that those guys are all under Brother Jin.

They took on the job of kidnapping her.

The drug dealers were sent to the border of Y City, where they were caught by Young Commander Mu.”

“Heh…” Qi Yichen glanced at the latest information in the folder and sneered.

“This little girl has a lot of enemies! First, it was the Jingdu Hotels explosion on New Years Eve, and now she was almost kidnapped.

Her New Year celebrations are really not peaceful!”

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