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Although he was her birth father, when he talked to her, he did not speak with a questioning tone.

He sounded so casual that he seemed to be asking nonchalantly, yet the seriousness in his voice did not make her feel as though he did not care about her.

“Its not that Im afraid; I just didnt want you to worry.

Mu Feichi wouldnt let me intervene in the matter, so he must have anticipated the danger involved.

After all, the other party is an international drug trafficking organization, and the people who I had contact with the other day were likely just small fries from the organization.

No matter how much of a genius I am, once I infiltrate the core, it will be difficult for me to keep my neck intact.

This group of outlaws is not worth my life.

Im well aware of my capabilities.

I would never put my safety at risk when I shouldnt, so please dont worry.”

After she was reborn, she cherished her life even more.

Now that she had finally found her birth parents, it had certainly resolved the regrets she had in her previous life.

In any case, she was not going to casually put herself at risk by doing something she had no confidence in.

“I know you always act sensibly, and I dont mean to fault you at all.

But you are right.

Teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.

I will not stop you from doing anything you want.

Now that the Crocodile has his eyes on you, and with you in the open, while the enemy is in the dark, if you arent capable enough, you will only find yourself restricted in all that you try to achieve.

Although he is a soldier and the Young Commander of Jun Country, to some extent, even someone of his authority may not suffice in covering certain grounds.

For example, the drug trafficking organization this time involved both light and dark forces, so the information he could get his hands on was limited.”

Yun Xi nodded.

She knew very well why Mu Feichi did not want her involved.

Because this organization was huge, the hierarchical core of the organization was not something a single person could infiltrate just by going undercover.

The scope of his control was sorely limited.

No matter how powerful his intelligence department was, a cross-country affair was beyond his jurisdiction.

Thus, it was difficult to take action.

“Which is why I plan to hand over the intelligence network in my hands to you.

Be it domestic or foreign, as long as a subsidiary of the Xiao group exists there, you can get your hands on first-hand information should you desire it.

Although our network here in Jun Country isnt exactly massive or intrinsically dense, in order to find your mother, weve made quite a development over the past few years.

Most importantly, what he cannot provide, I can.”

“Y-You… youre handing over your intelligence network… to me I cant possibly…”

She did not think that she had the ability and courage to manage such a huge department.

If she screws up, she might end up becoming the target of others!

“If I say youre ready, that means you are! You are my only daughter, and everything I own will be yours one day! You are now an adult, and I will slowly hand over all of it to you so that I can feel more at ease when the time comes.

In addition, Ive transferred Xiaoer and all ten of them back to the country to be your bodyguards.

They have been trained by the Xiao family since they were young.

Each of them is skilled in different aspects.

With them protecting you, I wont have to worry too much.”

“I…” At this very moment, she was completely lost for words.

He was handing over the entire Xiao familys intelligence network to her and giving her all ten bodyguards who had always been by his side.

For a moment, she felt her head go numb and was left speechless for a long time.

For the sake of her safety, her biological father spared no effort to give her the best of the best in the world!

However, he was not as old-fashioned and unreasonable as those feudalistic parents who might have tried to restrain her in everything she tried to do.

He was not only sensible, but also considerate of her in every aspect.

Having such a kind father, she could never be angry at him.

“Im not trying to increase your burden or give you more pressure.

You are my daughter—the daughter of Xiao Jinglin.

You are a lady of honor and pride with a commendable amount of confidence, so you dont have to let yourself feel aggrieved in front of anyone.

Do you understand me”

“Alright, then.

Come by tomorrow.

Ill officially introduce you to them.

Have a good rest tonight!”

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