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At the mention of that, Xiaosi pondered for a moment and continued, “Its not that I cant, but this woman seems to be quite cautious about this matter.

The community she lives in is an apartment building with only two suites on each floor, and the hallways are equipped with surveillance cameras.

But that didnt stop us.

We managed to install a mini spy camera on the sewer pipe of the building right across from her unit and finally caught her entering and exiting the suite next door, specifically when Yun Yuanfeng wasnt around.

The owner of that suite is, in fact, a man who has somehow only shown his face once since the last time he was captured by our surveillance camera.”

“Ah… the Old Wang next door!” Hearing Xiaosis explanation, she figured it out right away.

Lin Shuhua was certainly very cautious indeed.

“Miss, how did you know that his surname is Wang”

“Woah! His name is actually Wang” She was only making a joke.

After all, theOld Wang next door was a saying she had heard in her previous life, which referred to a wifes cheating partner.

Who knew that in this life, there was actually a person who went by that name!

“Ive sent someone to run a background check on the identity of this man, and we shall hear back soon enough.”

Yun Xi nodded, “We need to determine the identity of this man first.

If this man does indeed have an unspeakable relationship with Lin Shuhua, then it could be debatable who that baby of hers belongs to.

This can be further confirmed.

The fetus in her belly is more than six months old now.

When she goes for her pregnancy check-up, the babys amniotic fluid can be secretly drawn from her for DNA testing.”

As she said this, Xiaosi immediately understood.

“I know what to do.

Ill update you when the test report comes out.”

“If my dad was looking forward to being a father this time, then this would be one hell of a show!”

The car drove steadily to the Xiao family villa.

It was still very early in the morning.

When Yun Xi arrived at the gate of the villa, she saw Xiao Jinglin returning from a morning run.

Compared with those middle-aged men with beer bellies, her birth father seemed at least ten years younger than his peers.

“Youre here early! Have you had your breakfast yet” Wiping the sweat from his face, Xiao Jinglin stopped to open the iron gate at the entrance for her.

“Not yet.

Yun Yuanfengs second marriage—I dont know if it was him or the woman who thought of using Mu Feichi, just because they wanted to host their banquet at Jingding.

Im guessing he knew the requirements for getting in.

Then, he said that they would go to Pine Garden Villa instead.

He must have too much money on his hands to spare for a son whom he doesnt even know is his.

Burning his cash as if it doesnt hurt his wallet at all.”

The two of them may as well be a perfect couple of dirtbags.

Just the sight of Yun Yuanfengs face made her want to throw up.

“Pine Garden Villa is one of our Xiao properties in Jun Country.

If you dont want him hosting his banquet there, I can make a call to the manager.”

“Hmm” Yun Xi was stunned for a moment, then she turned around and looked at the man who was smiling warmly behind her.

“Since that woman wants to show off that badly, Yun Yuanfeng will do whatever it takes to cough out the money.

Youre running a business anyway.

Why turn away good money After hes already dumped in his money and he suddenly finds out that the woman had an affair with another man behind his back, then itll really be one hell of a show!”

“Whatever you wish to do, just inform Xiaosi.

Most of our businesses in Jun Country are handled by Xiaosi and Xiaoliu.

If theres anything you need help arranging, just let them know.”

“Lets have breakfast together.

The others will be here later.

Your grandpa is going back to Country M tomorrow.

You can spend some time with him before he goes.”

Meanwhile, in the living room, Old Master Xiao was standing beside the coffee table, arranging the plum blossom branches he had cut from the garden.

When he saw her coming in, he put the scissors down in his hands and waved to her.

“Little girl, come take a look and tell me what you think of the flowers today.”

“Not bad at all! Its very Zen.

However the plum blossoms are arranged, they always look elegant with a hint of graceful classiness.

They arent quite as vibrant as other flowers.

Its pure and white, like the snow—light and graceful.”

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