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A man and a woman with unfamiliar faces.

They looked only slightly older than Mu Feichi.

Yet, as their eyes met her studying gaze, their expressions were indifferent; their deep, sharp eyes were firm and fearless.

While she was sizing them up, they were also doing the same.

They were so calm that their breathing was almost inaudible, and their unabashed stance made them seem like someone not to be underestimated.

“These two are the team leaders in charge of Jun Countrys intelligence network.

The person in charge of foreign intelligence is currently in flight.

I will introduce that person to you tomorrow.

This is Lu Zhan, who is in charge of military and political affairs.

This is Bai Qiao, who is in charge of the business world.”

Among the 12 people present, Lu Zhan and Bai Qiao were a little older, and their eyes were sharp and still.

However, they had a little more time to sharpen their steadiness and composure compared to the others.

“Miss!” Lu Zhan bowed his head slightly to Yun Xi.

“Im Lu Zhan!”

“And Im Bai Qiao! Weve been put in charge of collecting intel, so please let me know if you need anything in the future.”

The clear and crisp voice made Yun Xi retract her studying gaze.

Bai Qiao looked a little older than Xiaojiu and Xiaoshi, standing next to her.

She had neatly cropped short hair and charming and delicate facial features with just a hint of bravery!

For some unknown reason, she felt very fond of her at first sight.

Compared to Li Zilans charm, Bai Qiao was effortlessly cool and beautiful.

Her father certainly had quite a lineup of impressive people working for him!

Stepping forward, she politely nodded to the 12 people in front of her.

Her calm face carried a hint of serious composure as she took charge.

“Im Yun Xi.

Ill be relying on you from now on!”

“From now on, you will be under her, and you shall heed her orders.

I have only this one daughter in my life, so her well-being defines my well-being!”

Xiao Jinglin turned to look at Yun Xi.

“They are now in your hands.

Do you have anything you wish to say to them”

Yun Xi nodded.

In the past, Mu Feichi had sent Team Leader A to stay by her side and protect her.

However, she did not know how many more protected her in the dark.

Her existence alone involved the lives of so many people, and the responsibility and burden that befell her was anything but light.

“Since youll be with me from now on, I will treat you as a friend, a brother, and a sister.

No matter who is responsible for my safety in the future, I only hope that at any given moment, you will put your own lives first.

Only when youre all alive can we achieve more.

I understand Mr.

Xiaos intentions in asking you to protect me, but I am not a helpless little bird.

I dont need you to trade your life for mine.

Just do your best and leave the rest to fate.

If the situation requires it, I can be your comrade-in-arms who will fight side by side with you.

Im not a little flower in a glasshouse.

Do you understand what I mean”

It was as though they had not anticipated she would say such words, and the meaning she conveyed was utterly different from what their boss had ordered.

The group of them was startled and lost in a daze.

Then, after a long while, they finally looked to their boss for advice.

Xiao Jinglin didnt seem surprised by Yun Xis insistence.

After spending some time with her, he knew his daughters character.

She had her own beliefs, persistence, and limits.

As long as she was safe, he would respect her choice.

“Dont look at me.

She is the person you will be following in the future, so listen to her! The daughter of Xiao Jinglin is certainly no little glasshouse flower.

You shall get to know each other better as you spend more time together in the future.”

“Yes, sir!” Their crystal clear voices echoed loudly in the spacious living room.

When they all arrived, some may have thought that the rumored first-class socialite was a fragile heiress, and all of them had the notion that they were here to become her bodyguard.

But after hearing those words come out of the mouth of a young girl—who had only recently come of age—with such an unquestionable and firm tone, they certainly changed their perception of this young lady.

Instead, the only daughter of the Xiao family had now given them something to look forward to.

After all, there werent many girls in Jun Country who would have dared to march right onto a battlefield at her age.

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