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It had indeed been an entertaining show to watch, but it was also what Yun Xi had anticipated all along, so it was hardly surprising to her.

Her calmness surprised Han Zhongteng.

He thought the girl would be over the moon to see Chen Lixue end up like this.

After all, it was not hard to see from the information he gathered that this girl had suffered quite a lot growing up with Chen Lixue and her two daughters.

It seemed that he had really underestimated this girl from the start, and he had also done some stupid things for that idiot Liang Xinyi!

The joy and anger she felt whirled into one, making it hard for others to read her thoughts, which made her appear exactly the same as a certain someone.

“I had wanted to give you a pleasant surprise, but it doesnt seem like much of a surprise after all.

Since they had bullied you for many years, I thought you would at least be happier when you saw what happened to them now.”

“Third Master Han, since youve gathered as much from your investigations, then you should also know that watching the stabbing of someone elses knife is always far less enjoyable than doing it yourself! Moreover, when you did this, did you even consider the situation youd be putting my uncle through”

“But, of course! If I had not kept Deputy Director Liang in mind, do you think Chen Lixue could have caused such havoc here for two whole days Since I took the liberty of inviting you here to watch this play out, I obviously had everything planned.

Deputy Director Liang had been in the bureau for the past two days, and Chen Lixue, who did not even get to see his face, had been in the cold in vain.

She was causing such a big riot today, yet he just so happened to be away.

Did you really think that this was all just a coincidence”

“As long as you know what youre doing.

I just dont want to see my uncle getting dragged into all of this.”

“He wont, I promise! What happened today will not affect the future of Deputy Director Liang, and everyone will only assume she was just a lunatic.

As for how long she will stay stuck in the police station will depend entirely on you! With Chen Lixues current state of livelihood, theres no way the Liang sisters will be able to bail her out.”

Even if he had not said it, Yun Xi was well aware that if Chen Lixue had not run out of money, she wouldnt be here sucking up her pride, begging to see her ex-husband for two days straight.

Now that she had caused such a commotion and ended up getting detained, getting bailed out will certainly cost quite a lot of money.

But, knowing the Liang sisters, not only will they not send money for bail, they will likely want to distance themselves to save their faces.

Yun Xi chuckled lightly and turned her head to look at the gloomy-eyed man beside her.

“Third Master Han, since youve spent so much time putting together this fanfare, I assume you have an ulterior motive”

“Miss Yun, you should be very clear about my motives.

It was my bad that I was blinded before and had offended someone as important as you, for the sake of that idiot Liang Xinyi! Now that I wish to make amends, there is still Han Yaotian who is ahead of me, which only serves me right! Miss Yun, I hope you will be able to find it in your generous heart to forgive the error of my ways and allow us to start anew.

Please accept the downfall of Liang Xinyi and her mother as my way of making amends to you!”

He now desperately hoped to get Yun Xis support.

With her backing and that of Young Commander Mu, it would undoubtedly be the best assistance he could receive in securing his position as the Han familys heir! Han Yaotian should have seen her value early on and cooperated with her back then.

But, now that he wanted to reclaim himself from his own disadvantage, how could he possibly care about petty things like his pride and dignity anymore

Han Zhongtengs motive was clear to her.

However, compared to Han Yaotians unbudging pride, Han Zhongteng was able to bend and stretch.

“Liang Xinyi wont admit defeat so easily!”

“Its one thing not to admit defeat, but its another thing to challenge reality.

She wishes to study abroad to avoid the shame of the spotlight, but unfortunately, she cant do anything without money.

Which is why Id like to take you to the next sequel to this good show, Miss Yun!”

Han Zhongteng looked at the time, then gazed up to meet the unspeaking eyes in front of him as if waiting for her answer.

“I know that Liang Xinyi has gone to a banquet this evening, thanks to your efforts.”

Han Zhongteng raised his eyebrows, and a bloodthirsty wicked smirk hung on his lips.

“She has always been arrogant and proud.

She definitely wouldnt have put this past her pride if this were the past.

If she wanted to keep climbing her way, she certainly would never attend this evenings banquet as an escort.”

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