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Regardless of how well-informed he was, he had never received any news about this, which showed just how well-protected this kid was!

A person such as Han Hongbin, who never got out of bed early unless there was something to benefit, had always treated Han Yaotian indifferently yet expected too much of him.

Seeing how he was protecting this illegitimate child so preciously can only mean one thing—this b*stard son was Han Hongbins designated heir!

No wonder Han Hongbin was reluctant to delegate power to Han Yaotian when he stepped into the game.

The person he was harboring all his hopes for was this illegitimate child who had yet to show his face to the world, while Han Yaotian was just the camouflage all along!

With that in mind, Han Zhongteng rubbed his sullen eyes so hard that a gleam of light suddenly sparked from them.

Han Yaotian had worked so hard for so many years.

He was definitely not going to let his tiresome efforts benefit someone else.

Whats more, he was just an illegitimate son all the same.

He had been nothing but a pawn his entire existence, while this other b*stard son would get everything they had dreamed of without a lift of a finger.

There was no way Han Yaotian would be at peace if he knew about this!

So long as Han Yaotian had the will to get rid of this b*stard son, he might as well give him a hand and use Han Yaotian to get rid of their competitor.

As long as he made sure Han Hongbin knew that this b*stard son died in Han Yaotians hands, their father-son relationship would forever be severed! Once he separates those two, he will have the chance to inherit it all! Killing with a borrowed sword would simultaneously turn them against each other, while he would be the one to reap all the benefits!

The information that Yun Xi had given him could not have come at a better time.

Now that the Han family had been completely kicked out of the Big Four Conglomerate Families, the general election after the New Year season would wash the bad blood between the light and the dark side of Jingdu anew.

Therefore, he must seize this opportunity to forge new relationships and prepare for his future reign of the Han family.

This little girl was indeed his lucky star, and whatever she casually threw at him was nothing less than a shocking grenade! Since good luck had fallen upon him, he had to plan well.

If he lets such a perfect opportunity slide, he may never be so lucky again in the future!

Sitting in the car, Yun Xi took the folder handed to her by Xiaosi.

She gazed up and asked, “What is this”

“The culprit of the bombing incident at Jingdu Grand Hotel has been identified.” Xiaosi gave her a worried look and continued, “Its one of the subordinates of Brother Jin from his drug trafficking gang.

We used our undercover spy to infiltrate them, and we found some leads.

Much like the Crocodile, this person hardly shows himself in public, and only a few have seen him.

However, before the New Year, our spy sent us news saying that Han Hongbins illegitimate son, Han Ming, who you were monitoring, had appeared on their side.

Not long after, the explosion occurred, which pretty much aligns with your hypothesis.”

“So, it really was him!” Yun Xi glanced at the documents time and content, which matched the time when the madman suddenly disappeared from their sight.

The thought of him being the culprit of the bombing made the fire burning inside her rise to her head, and the roaring anger she felt was inconsolable.

She had wanted to use him to draw out the Crocodile, but she certainly did not expect this lunatic to make such a ruthless attack!

“Our men suspect that this Han Ming is this gangsBrother Jin. The timing was too coincidental.

It may take some time to gather substantial evidence.”

“Theres no need for that.

Tell your men to act with caution.

Try to lay low for now.

We dont want to alert our enemies.

Leave the rest of the arrangements to me.

Since he ruined my New Year holidays, I will see that the rest of his days are insufferable!”

She closed the folder with a clap, and she gazed up to look at the bright outdoors through the window.

Spring was now upon them, and the streets were still booming with the lively atmosphere of the New Years festivities that had just ended, yet the warmth outside the window could not penetrate the still eyes behind the car window.

“Have someone follow Han Zhongteng closely.

If he decides to kill with a borrowed sword and blame it all on Han Yaotian, then I wont mind adding some fuel of my own! If this flame doesnt turn into a blaze, Im afraid I wont be able to diminish the hatred in my heart!”

“Of course, Ill give out the orders right away!”

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