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As soon as Yun Xi arrived at the gate of the military region residences, their car was stopped before they could even enter the compound.

“Miss, its Feng Yang.” Xiaosi looked at the figure standing outside, then turned his head around and said to Yun Xi, sitting in the back seat.

Looking up from the clinical trial report of the new drug in her hands, Yun Xi stared at the man standing outside.

He was just the man she had wanted to see! Who knew he would be the one coming to her instead

She hadnt seen Feng Yang all through the New Years holiday.

Instead, she heard from Feng Xiyan that he was away on a mission.

From the way she said it, it seemed as if she had gotten used to the lack of his presence during the holidays.

He probably had not gone home last New Years either.

However, everyone in the Feng family should be thankful for the sacrifices and contributions Feng Yang made in the name of the Feng family.

If it were not for Feng Yang, who had been doing justice for the country, the Mu Feichi she knew would have wanted to tear apart the Feng family first instead of letting her make a move on the Han family.

“Happy New Year!” Pushing open the car door, Yun Xi got out of the car and greeted the man who approached her.

Her eyes settled on his handsome face, which seemed relatively thin and weary.

“I heard that you didnt go home this New Year.

You look so thin and tanned.

Were you digging for diamonds in Africa”

“How I wish!” Feng Yang smiled bitterly, then he took out a red envelope from his trench coat and handed it to her.

“Happy New Year! Heres a belated red envelope!”

She glanced at the red envelope presented in front of her, yet she did not reach out to receive it.

“Youre not much older than I am.

What are you giving me a red envelope for”

“I know that the Young Commander is your boyfriend, so you probably arent in need of money.

This is just a little gesture of kindness and blessing.

So why are you overthinking it Go on and take it!”

He grabbed her wrist and stuffed the red envelope in her hand.

“Who knows how many more years I have left to give red envelopes to you Maybe next time, you may not be around anymore!”

Hearing his words, Yun Xi immediately frowned and glared at him with a cold expression.

“Why are you saying such ill-fated words during the New Year season Cant you say something nicer”

It was not that she could not bear listening to his honest words, but she chose to deny that possibility because she believed certain words could eventually become prophecies, so she would rather those words never be spoken.

“Okay, forget I said anything!” The intent in Feng Yangs eyes flickered, then he nodded with a faint smile.

“The Yun family seems rather lively of late.

I heard that your father is going to marry your future stepmother.

Ive already received the invitation.

Would you mind sharing your thoughts about all this”

“What thoughts could I possibly have” Yun Xi snorted softly, with a hint of playfulness in her cold eyes.

“My dad is getting old, and hes worried that the Yun family has no descendants to inherit his name.

For a so-called son who may not necessarily be his, hes not even worried that he might become the joke of the town, so who am I to feel ashamed He insists on throwing a big fanfare for his second wedding, and hes probably pegging his hopes on my good name because he specifically chose to host his wedding on the same day as the Lantern Festival, which is the 15th day of the lunar month.

It seems like the older he gets, the more senile he becomes! The Lantern Festival is a day for reunions.

Who in their right mind would give up their precious time meant for a gathering with family to attend his wedding Does he think hes that all-important now that hes a director, or does he think I am that all-important because Ive become a first-class socialite!”

“Ive seen that stepmother of yours, and I can tell at a glance that shes not a simple woman at all.

As long as you know what youre up against!”

Feng Yang had thought she was in the dark about everything, but hearing the hidden meanings behind her words, it seemed she had a clear picture in her heart!

“If he wants to make such a big deal out of it, then let him.

After all, whoever came up with the bright idea will feel the burn at the end of the day.”

Feng Yang chuckled softly.

“Consider this me informing you in advance.

Unfortunately, I may not be able to make it that day.

I only have one day off for the Lantern Festival, so Ill probably have to go home and have dinner with my grandpa instead.”

“I understand.

You dont have to come just for my sake.

Go ahead with whatever you have planned!”

She knew that he was a man with an important job, and he certainly did not need to get involved in all this mess.

Reaching out, she handed him the clinical trial report regarding the drug she had retrieved from the car.

“This should be of interest to you.”

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