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Since Yun Yuanfeng was not around, Lin Shuhua did not bother to put on a show.

Sitting upright, she merely turned to glance at her.

“Oh, the Young Missy is back!” She tilted her head toward Yun Xi and gave a smug smile.

Her right hand deliberately rubbed her already bulging belly with a face filled with pride.

Yun Xi stepped forward and completely ignored her existence.

She raised her hand and put her coat on the single-seater couch, then turned to look at her second aunt, who was on her right.

“Second Aunt, why is everyone allowed into our neighborhood now I thought the requirements for entering and leaving the compound would be stricter after the wall was blasted through! Im surprised barbarians would be allowed in.

It seems that I have to remind Young Commander Mu, lest something happens next time, our family certainly cant be held responsible!”

Yao Ying disliked Lin Shuhuas behavior too.

She was intimidating them with her borrowed status even before she had gotten married.

If this woman really married into the family and started doing whatever she pleased in the name of her baby boy, then wouldnt their house be turned upside down

Before Yao Ying could speak, Lin Shuhua immediately assumed Yun Xi was mocking her, and her face instantly scrunched up into a scowl.

Knowing Yun Yuanfeng was away at work today, she had come here intending to flaunt her authority at the Yun house.

The last time she was here, she could see right away that this young lady of the Yun family was not an easy girl to get along with.

Especially now that she had climbed up the ranks by latching onto Young Commander Mu, Yun Yuanfengs future was somehow in this girls hands.

She initially thought that forging a good relationship with her would be beneficial to herself in the future, but she did not expect the girl to be so disrespectful!

Since she was unwilling to accept her while she was playing nice, she had no choice but to show her whos boss.

After all, once they were married, she would become her senior.

There was no way she would let this little girl wreak havoc under her watch!

“You cursed little girl! What did you say! Who are you calling a barbarian Once I get married to your father, I will be your senior.

Dont you know how to show some respect Is this how that prison mother of yours brought you up!”

Neither Yun Yuanfeng nor Grandfather Yun was around since her second uncle was out accompanying the old man on some house visits.

Lin Shuhuas attempt to demonstrate her power failed epically.

Instead, she ended up getting so provoked that her temper exploded through the roof.

The moment she opened her mouth, she was insulted right back by Yun Xi.

The pretentious impression of being gentle and virtuous on her first visit to the Yun house was instantly ruined.

That scornful face of hers, with her mouth full of insults, was now almost unbearable to look at.

Yun Xi glanced at her nonchalantly.

She simply could not stand the way this woman was being so arrogant with her six-month bulging belly.

Unfortunately, Lin Shuhua had picked the wrong person to mess with.

In this house of theirs, there were only so few she could bully!

The housekeeper was just coming out of the kitchen with fried chopped rice cake and a bowl of red bean paste.

When she heard Lin Shuhua yelling angrily, she immediately raised her eyebrows and stood tall in front of Yun Xi as if she was protecting her baby calf.

Yun Xi couldnt help but let out a chuckle.

She took the tray from the housekeepers hands and said, without a change in her expression, “Auntie, slap that mouth of hers for me!”

“Yes, Miss!” The housekeeper had been irritated by the smug Lin Shuhua from the very start.

However, now that she had been given the green light to make her move, she did not care that the woman was with child.

While she was still seated on the couch, the housekeeper quickly raised her hand high and slapped Lin Shuhua fiercely across the face.

The sound of the crisp slap on the face was music to Yun Xis ears!

God only knows how many children the housekeeper must have brought up.

Although that slap of hers was far from soft, she controlled her strength perfectly and did not smack the woman to the ground, but it was certainly enough to mess up Lin Shuhuas pretty little face!

“You! Get your sl*tty paws out of this house!” With that unforgiving slap, Lin Shuhuas boiling rage immediately soared to the top of her head! Just as she was about to fight back, the housekeeper knew that it was never good to provoke a pregnant woman, so she quickly slipped out to the side of the corridor, dodging Lin Shuhuas outstretched hand.

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