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Missing her target, Lin Shuhua fell face-first onto the couch.

Although there was a pillow to cushion her fall, she still felt waves of throbbing pain surging through her belly.

Following the turn of events, she quickly used the situation to her benefit.

Clutching her stomach, she cried out in pain.

“Oh, dear God… my poor son… You cursed girl! If I end up losing my son because of you, you better hope your father doesnt come and break your legs!”

“God only knows if the child youre carrying actually belongs to my father!” Then, completely ignoring Lin Shuhuas pitiful act, Yun Xi casually continued to savor the red bean paste from her bowl.

Lin Shuhuas face immediately froze when she heard those words.

Yao Ying was worried that if Lin Shuhua ended up losing her baby, Yun Yuanfeng would not let this go, which might end up costing the father and daughter their relationship, but hearing Yun Xis words suddenly made her suspicious of the woman.

The little girl was never one to spew nonsense.

Could it be that there really was something fishy going on

Yun Yuanfeng had wished for a son all his life.

Now that he was a middle-aged man, his wish finally came true.

Forget about him running around town looking for the best doctors; if it turned out his babys mother was bearing someone elses child, wouldnt that make the Yun family the laughing stock of the town

Perhaps it was the guilt eating at her, but at that moment, Lin Shuhuas sudden outburst made her lose all common sense, and she started to blurt out a bunch of nonsense, desperately trying to redeem herself.

“After all these years, your dad finally has the son hes always yearned for.

Meanwhile, you—whos supposed to be this babys elder sister—are eager to end his life before he is even born.

You really are like the rumors say—a cursed bearer of misfortune! His last son was cursed to death by you.

Now, youre trying to kill my son before he even sees the light of day!”

Yun Xi listened quietly to her hysterical accusations, completely unperturbed.

If she could easily handle a mother like Liang Xiuqin, why would she be afraid of a measly little mistress

“Who knew the dignified first-class socialite could be so black-hearted No matter what, my son is still your unborn brother.

How could you be so evil! If anything happens to him—well, then well see if your dad breaks your bones!”

As if her vicious words were not enough to relieve the hatred burning inside, with trembling hands, Lin Shuhua took her phone out of her bag as her eyes filled with resentment, ready to call Yun Yuanfeng.

Yao Ying glanced at Yun Xi worriedly, but Yun Xi pretended not to see what she was up to.

Instead, she picked up a piece of fried chopped rice cake with her fork and took a bite.

Then she spoke through a mouth full of food, “I have to say, Auntie, your fried chopped rice cake is not quite as delicious as the old Wangs next door!”

The housekeeper had heard her loud and clear and was a little confused.

“Miss, our next-door neighbor isnt called Wang.

Their surname is Chen! When have you ever eaten anything from a neighbor called Wang anyway”

“Oh, thats my mistake.

The old Wang I meant was from the city bureau, not our next-door neighbor.”

The housekeeper was even more confused by her reply, but Yao Ying had understood it clearly.

Especially when she heard the words “old Wang next door,” she explicitly saw how Lin Shuhuas expression had instantly changed, and the hand that was punching in the number stopped dead in its tracks.

It seemed she had guessed it right.

Yun Xi really did know something after all, and she had caught Lin Shuhua by the leash.

She suddenly had a bad premonition that her brother-in-laws unborn son might belong to someone else.

Seeing her suddenly stop, Yun Xi raised her eyebrows.

“Arent you going to call my dad to complain about me Go on, then! It doesnt matter how much you cry, wail, or exaggerate.

There are only the four of us here.

Lets see who will testify for you! You can wail as loud as you want.

After all, the baby in your womb is six months old and perfectly stable.

It wont fall out despite your little show!”

“You… youre the devil incarnate!”

However dense Lin Shuhua may be, she understood Yun Xis threat clearly, and the fingers on her phone didnt dare budge an inch.

The cursed girl was so calm and had even mentioned a few crucial keywords, so she dared not bet on whether or not the girl knew anything.

If she made the call, then perhaps she would be the one ending up at a dead end!

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