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As expected, Lin Shuhua and Wang Qingpeng decided to bring forward the wedding date after some discussion.

Yun Xi did not know what kind of pillow talk Lin Shuhua and her father had.

She was actually able to convince Yun Yuanfeng to send out another invitation to change the date.

It was such a joke to send out two invitations for a wedding.

Zhao Yumo dragged Jiang Chenhuan to bring a large bag of barbecue skewers in the middle of the night and ran to the entrance of the courtyard with two invitations to find Yun Xi.

The moment she opened her mouth, she asked whose idea it was to do such a weird thing.

“Do you really think I did it Please, no matter how much I hate my dad, I cant joke about my reputation, right This kind of thing isnt something to be proud of.

I should at least wear my gold-plated top socialite title more securely, right”

Jiang Chenghuan sat in the front passenger seat and turned to look at the two of them eating happily in the backseat.

“Why didnt I receive your invitation”

Yun Xi pointed at the trash can outside and took a bite of the fragrant mutton skewer in her hand.

“Originally, my dad wanted to invite you guys as well, and he yearned for you to grace his wedding with your presence.

I felt embarrassed by him, so I fed your invitation to the trash can.

Since you guys wont be coming anyway, he couldnt possibly run over and ask why you didnt go to his wedding, right”

Jiang Chenghuan passed a box of tissues to Zhao Yumo and deliberately teased her, “But now you came out with two invitations and the date was even brought forward.

Although the excuse given was that the time on the original invitation was wrong, such an obvious act of impatience doesnt look good or reflect well on you, right”

“My father doesnt even think its embarrassing.

Whats there for me to be embarrassed about It just so happens that hes done trashing his reputation now.

There will be a time when hell beg me later.”

Yun Xi paused for a moment and slowly swallowed the food in her mouth.

She looked up at the man who had turned around and said, word by word, “I plan to announce my identity and sever our father-daughter relationship.

If I keep dragging this on, the better Mr.

Xiao treats me, the more unfair I feel toward him.

This is a chance for me.”

“My dear, have you thought it through” Zhao Yumo looked up.

“This is not a small matter! With your fathers character, he will definitely ask for more!”

“That depends on the situation.

If hes in a dilemma, I dont believe he would dare ask for too much.”

Zhao Yumo thought about it for a while and understood what she meant.

She was right.

When there was no other choice, no one would want to fall out with her.

Yun Xi was known to have a stubborn temper.

If she really didnt want to do anything, she could just treat him like a father and drag things out until Yun Yuanfeng was left with nothing.

However, she was still the Xiao familys young miss.

Besides, behind Xiao Jinglin was the First Lady of Jun Country, and he even had a brother-in-law who was the president.

If Yun Yuanfeng wanted to survive, he would have to establish his position.

After understanding this, Zhao Yumo exclaimed, “Oh my God! I also want a rich and powerful father!”

Thinking of the tyrannical father of the Xiao family, Yun Xi could not help but laugh.

She patted Zhao Yumos shoulder.

“Work hard to become the successor of the Zhao family.

Youll realize that you can do whatever you want if you have money.”

Zhao Yumo nodded her head.

“Of course! Grandpa is much better now.

I am also studying hard.

Give me some more time!”

“Good luck, good luck!” Yun Xi smiled and gave her the simplest of encouragements.

She was going to pull down the Han and Qiao families very soon.

If the Zhao family wanted to step up, Zhao Yumo had to start controlling the power in her hands.

Otherwise, once her uncle and nephew gained power, it would not be so easy for her to regain control of the inheritance of the Zhao family.

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