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Mu Feichi glanced at Zhao Yumo, who was staring at him out of the corner of her eyes, not daring to eat anything.

He said, without changing his expression, “Eat your food.

Staring at me is more suitable for her than you.”

“…” Zhao Yumo was stunned.

She blinked for a long time before laughing at Mu Feichis words.

She laughed awkwardly and covered her forehead with her clean hand.

“Im not eating barbecued skewers, Im eating dog food!”

She turned around and looked at the little vixen who was smiling like a fox.

She took a deep breath and said seriously, “Darling, I definitely cant invite you out to eat in the future.

Im just asking to be tortured!”

Jiang Chenghuan sneered and poured a glass of fruit juice for Zhao Yumo.

“Thats enough.

Eat your food! I look better than he does, and I will allow you to watch me eat!”

“How shameless of you!” Zhao Yumo glanced at Jiang Chenghuan in disdain.

She was no longer afraid of Mu Feichi getting angry.

She turned her head and listened to them while eating.

Ignoring their teasing, Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows slightly.

“You wont look too good if there is a scene during the wedding.

Once Mrs.

Wang goes over to create trouble, Wang Qingpeng will definitely be there.

Otherwise, the show wont be exciting enough.

So, how do you intend to clean up this mess”

“Ill let my father clean up the mess himself.

If things get out of hand, he wont be able to clean up the mess.

The only thing he can think of is for me to ask you for help.

Nothing else is more important compared to protecting his future.

Since he will have a favor to ask of you, I can make my request and use it to sever our father-daughter relationship.”

“Have you thought it through”

Yun Xi nodded.

“This is a good opportunity.

The child will be Yun Yuanfengs breakthrough point.”

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes and was silent for a moment.

Then, he suggested to her, “In that case, well ask Uncle Jing to launch a press conference tomorrow to talk about finding his lost daughter.

Well let everyone in Jingdu know that he came back to the country with a high-profile investment this time.

Firstly, hes looking for a partner, and secondly, hes looking for his daughter.

When the time comes, it wont be too abrupt to announce your relationship.”

Yun Xi understood what he meant.

Zhao Yumo asked in confusion, “But if Yun Yuanfeng finds out about Uncle Jings identity, wont he then ask for an exorbitant price if he wants help After all, Uncle Jings identity is right there.

If he doesnt use him, who will he cheat This is his last chance to sell his daughter!”

The wordssell his daughter seemed to have agitated Mu Feichi.

He glared at her coldly.

Zhao Yumo realized that she had said the wrong thing and quickly shut up.

If she was just blabbering nonsense in front of Yun Xi, it wouldnt matter.

However, someone could not handle having his precious being spoken of like this.

On the other hand, Yun Xi understood Mu Feichis intentions.

She laughed lightly.

“Only by doing this can we solve the problem in one go.

Yun Yuanfeng can only choose this option since he has no way out.

As long as this problem is resolved, even if he makes a comeback in the future, he wont be able to use me anymore.

This is an equal exchange.

Neither Mr.

Xiao nor I will give him a second chance to use me.

However, if he doesnt know Mr.

Xiaos identity and feels that he has suffered a loss, he will inevitably turn back and make a fuss or be used by others.

At that time, the situation will be even more unfavorable for us.

This is a drastic measure.”

“Oh, oh, I get it! Youre indeed a sly old fox!” Zhao Yumo glanced at Mu Feichi.

Compared to him, Jiang Chenghuan was not any weaker.

“Ill call Mr.

Xiao now… I wanted to solve it myself originally, but I still have to trouble him.”

Mu Feichi sighed softly and reminded her nicely, “Hes your biological father.

Hell be happy for you to trouble him! After all, he has never enjoyed the pleasure of being troubled over the past decade or so, especially coming from his biological daughter.”

Her hand that was fiddling with the phone paused.

She looked up and glared at him coquettishly.

“I know! Mu Three-Years-Old, youre getting naggy!”

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