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After receiving Yun Xis call, Xiao Jinglin listened patiently to her request and made arrangements.

He was surprised, but not overly so.

He was aware of her recent movements, especially the background of Lin Shuhua, who was about to marry into the Yun family.

He did not dare be careless.

Now that he heard her say that she was going to use this incident to sever her father-daughter relationship with Yun Yuanfeng, he was both happy and heartbroken.

If it was an adoptive father who truly loved her, Xiao Jinglin could treat him with respect and also allow him to enjoy wealth and status.

However, it just so happened that Yun Yuanfeng was a wicked man.

He had not given her the slightest bit of love since she was young and had even sent her to the countryside to suffer while she grew up.

Just this point alone was enough to justify making Yun Yuanfengs life difficult, but Xiao Jinglin did not do so because of Yun Xi.

“Alright, I understand.

Ill get someone to arrange it immediately.”

After hanging up the phone, Yun Xi looked up at the man opposite her, whose eyes were gradually turning gentle.

She sighed slightly.

“It feels so good to have a father.”

Mu Feichi chuckled and raised his hand to take a tissue to wipe her hands.

“Are you going home or going up the mountain with me”

“Im going home.

Second Aunt knows Im out.

I cant stay out all night.”

Mu Feichi nodded and pulled Yun Xi out of the car.

He pulled the person beside him into his embrace and said to the two people in the car, “You two should go back early too!”

Zhao Yumo looked at the two of them who were constantly showing off their affection and smiled as she waved them off.

At the entrance of the courtyard, Mu Feichi scanned his surroundings and slowly let go of her hand.

“Im going away to carry out a mission tomorrow and wont be around for the next few days.

You can handle the matter here as you see fit.

With Uncle Jing around, Im not worried about anything, but you still have to be careful with that drug trafficker, Brother Jin.

Whether hes Han Hongbins son or not, well discuss it when I return.

You cant act rashly alone, understand”

“I understand.

I dont plan to deal with him myself.

After all, its not a small matter.

It involves too many people and the relationship between underground dealings and official connections.

If Im not careful, I might offend someone I shouldnt offend instead of settling the problem.”

She was also very good at using others to kill someone.

If she could avoid doing it herself, she would not dirty her hands.

Besides, Han Zhongteng and Han Yaotian were very useful knives.

It would be a pity if she didnt use them!

After receiving her promise, Mu Feichi rubbed her head and said, “Alright, now go back!”

“Mm, you should be careful too.

Come back unharmed!”

To prove that she was serious, she pinched his handsome face under the streetlight and said seriously, “If you return with any missing parts, Ill teach you a lesson!”

“Okay, Ill listen to you!” Lowering his gaze, he looked at the little demon who was gradually getting used to his identity and status.

His thin lips curled into a light smile, and his eyes were deep and gentle.

He began to look forward to the future more and more.

She stood shoulder to shoulder with him and held a firm belief that no matter where he was, she trusted that he would return safely.

Coming home had always been a term that resonated strongly for them.

Early in the morning, the entertainment and business news sections of Jingdus newspaper were plastered with news that spread throughout the entire city in the shortest time possible.

Because of the appearance of the Xiao Group, Jingdu, which was originally filled with undercurrents, seemed to freeze for a moment.

The Three Noble Families were established, and the Big Four Conglomerate Families had undergone a blood transfusion.

An international corporation had returned to the country to develop, and it was even attached to a special identity.

This has undoubtedly caught the various families off guard.

Although some people had already received the news that Xiao Jinglin had returned to the country for the Lunar New Year, they all thought that he was reunited with his family.

No one expected such shocking news to suddenly appear.

What was even more surprising was the big news of him returning to the country to look for his lost daughter!

Xiao Jinglin did not have a son and only adopted a son to handle the companys affairs in Country M.

Moreover, Miss Rong had been missing for many years.

Although there was no official explanation, it still caused much speculation when news leaked that he suddenly had a daughter.

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