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At the sentry post, Lu Zheng was sitting in the off-road vehicle and reading the freshly printed newspaper.

He was waiting for Qi Yichen to come back from the mission.

He had also received the news.

When he passed by the newsstand, he had bought a copy of every newspaper available.

More than ten newspapers, be it financial, business, or entertainment news, were all reporting about a video that had just been released that morning.

Over a dozen media outlets reposted and printed the news almost at the same time.

The speed and efficiency were no less than Mu Feichis announcement of his girlfriend at the top socialites banquet.

This news had come too suddenly, and it was no different than raising a huge wave in Jingdu.

Qi Yichen came out, opened the car door, and got into the car.

There were still water droplets on his freshly washed face.

Under his short hair was a handsome and devilish face, and there was a faint black shadow under his sharp eyes.

No matter how you looked at it, it looked like he had not rested well for several days.

Lu Zheng handed over the breakfast that he had packed.

It was a simple Tianjin-style fried pancake and a cup of soybean milk ordered to go.

“Theres an explosive piece of news this morning.

Take a look at it yourself, Boss! Any newspaper you pick up is reporting this news.”

Qi Yichen took a bite of the pancake and took a newspaper from the seat beside him.

The headline was about the latest news released by the head of the Xiao Group.

“Looking for his daughter” Qi Yichen frowned and remembered the video and photos Lu Zheng sent to him last time.

He paused.

“I remember that Yun Xi seemed to be very close to the head of the Xiao family.”

Lu Zheng paused and nodded.

“Yes, they have met a few times.

She accompanied Xiao Jinglin to the auction house and seemed to be looking for news about Mrs.


After that, Young Commander Mu accompanied her every time.

Whats so strange about that”

The Xiao family and the Mu family are old friends.

Xiao Jinglin lives in the Mu Mansion every time he comes back to the country.

The two of them are like old friends.

Their relationship is so good that they dont seem like seniors or juniors, but more like father and son than General Mu.

“This news came so suddenly.

Why do I feel like its not quite right”

Xiao Jinglin came back to the country to invest and find his daughter.

This was not a small matter for many big families in Jingdu.

Although the Xiao familys main focus was on Country M, any family business would want to befriend him as soon as possible.

It was more so when an international tycoon came to Jingdu to invest in development projects and was also the first ladys younger brother.

“What has that girl been busy with recently” Ever since he found out that Qi Siyu had sent people to kidnap her, he hadnt had the time to investigate it since he had been on a mission for the past few days.

Lu Zheng told him about Yun Xis recent whereabouts but did not mention anything out of the ordinary.

“The only thing that has happened recently is that her father is going to have a second marriage.

He has sent two invitations, and everyone in Jingdu knows that her father cant wait to marry someone else.

Also, her stepmother is not a good person.

She seems to have something going on with Wang Qingpeng, who is staying next door.

The child in her belly might not even be Yun Yuanfengs.”

“What about that girl This stepmother wants to enter the house, but she doesnt react”

Lu Zheng chuckled.

He realized that his impression of this girl had changed.

“The people around her have been investigating the background of her future stepmother and Wang Qingpeng recently.

I think she probably knows something.

This is her fathers second marriage, but she didnt say or do anything to stop him.

I keep feeling like shes up to something big.”

“When is the wedding Did you get an invitation”

“Its the day after tomorrow.

It was supposed to be in ten days, but I dont know why its so urgent.

Theyre hosting the wedding at the Pine Garden Villa.

We dont need an invitation to enter.”

“I happen to be off for the next two days.

Ill head over and see what that girl is up to.”

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