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The wedding was scheduled for the day after tomorrow, so Yun Xi wasnt surprised.

What surprised her was that Jiang Henglin blocked her way at the entrance of the military region residences.

What was going on

This New Year, she had already gone to visit the Jiang family.

After the New Year, she was busy accompanying her grandfather, so she did not have much time to visit them.

She planned to head over again in the next few days, but Jiang Henglin came knocking on her door!

Ever since their engagement had been called off, she and Jiang Henglin had nothing to do with each other anymore.

They werent even friends.

She was really confused by his ferocious questioning.

“Yun Xi, why did your father send his wedding invitation to my brother and not me Could it be that it would be more convenient for my brother to attend in his wheelchair than for me to come on my legs”

Jiang Henglin looked at the girl in front of him, who was gradually losing her childishness.

After her coming of age ceremony, she no longer had the original look of poverty that she had when she first came to the city from the countryside.

She was like a new sprout that had grown a branch, and after she matured, she became even more pleasing to the eye.

It was especially true that she had the aura of a well-bred young lady.

Even the Jiang familys daughter could not compare to her!

At first, he did not understand why a country bumpkin like her could win the title of top socialite.

Now that he had observed her for some time, he realized that even those self-respecting heiresses could not compare to her dignified and gentle demeanor!

She was like an independent glowing gem, gradually polished from a stone covered in dust and moss to its most dazzling appearance, attracting everyones attention.

Initially, he only wanted to ask her why and if she really hated him that much.

However, the words that came out of his mouth became a sharp question.

Towards the end of the question, even though he felt that it was a little too much, he could not take it back.

“Jiang Henglin, even if your brother is wheelchair-bound, hes still your brother and the eldest son of the Jiang family.

You are not the successor of the Jiang family, so I naturally sent the invitation to your brother! Who can you blame if I didnt give it to you Youre the second son, after all, and you were born two years later than him! Unless he says he doesnt want to attend and asks me to send the invitation to you, the first person Ill invite will be him no matter what happens in the future!”

Although that was the truth, Jiang Henglin was still unwilling to give in.

“Did your father only invite one person to his wedding”

Yun Xi nodded, acting as if this really was the case.

“It cant be helped.

My family isnt as rich as yours!”

“Youre poor” Jiang Henglin scoffed lightly, angered by her self-mockery.

“You can even hold a banquet at Pine Garden Villa.

Do you have any misconceptions about being poor”

“Maybe I do!” She was too lazy to argue with him.

“I didnt realize you wanted to attend my fathers wedding so badly.

Are you in such a hurry to give him the wedding money”

“So what if I am Do I lack this bit of money”

Yun Xi nodded.

She never knew that Jiang Henglin was so difficult to deal with when he acted shamelessly.

Could it be that he didnt even care about his face

“Yes, you certainly dont lack this bit of money.

You can go to Pine Garden Villa if you want.

Theres no need for you to ask me.

If you stand at the entrance, who would dare prevent you from entering”

“How can that be the same If I show up without an invitation, I will appear to be thinking too highly of myself.

If you didnt invite me, its because of your lack of etiquette!”

If someone were to say that he showed up without an invitation, he would lose face even if no one dared to chase him away!

“Fine, Ill give it to you!” He even brought up her level of upbringing.

Yun Xi directly took out an invitation that she was going to throw away from her bag.

“Its a blank invitation.

Take it back and write your name yourself!”

There was nothing much she had with her, but there were many invitations!

Jiang Henglin glanced at the thick stack of invitations in her bag and felt a little upset.

“Why do you need me to write my name on it Since you invited me, arent you going to address the invitation before giving it to me Where are your manners as the top socialite”

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