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Sitting in the car, Yun Xi flipped through the invitation cards in her bag.

There were a few invitations that she needed to send personally.

Since she had invited Jiang Qilin, she could not leave out Young Master Chen and the Su family.

Initially, she did not intend to invite the people from the Big Four Conglomerate Families.

However, since she wanted to make a big deal out of this, she had no choice but to play a bigger role.

The bigger the chips, the greater the chance of winning!

“Xiaosi, this morning, I mentioned to my dad about going to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register his marriage.

Initially, he wanted to go to the villa to receive the guests first, but I casually told him that the day after tomorrows solar eclipse would clash with Lin Shuhua.

The timing would also clash with his Fengshui, so it wouldnt be suitable for him to register their marriage then.

I told him to wait for the day after the wedding.

He was superstitious and instantly agreed, so you dont have to arrange for the commotion to break out.”

If she had known that it would have been so easy to get Yun Yuanfeng to register their marriage another day, she would not have spent so much effort planning for this appetizer.

No matter how unhappy Lin Shuhua was, she would agree.

After all, the wedding had been held, and everyone had witnessed it, so Yun Yuanfeng would not be able to escape.

With this layer of protection, she was not afraid that Yun Yuanfeng would renege on his vows.

Unfortunately, this time, she would block all of Lin Shuhuas paths of retreat and backup plans!

At the lobby of the Chen Corporation, Yun Xi got out of the car and looked up at the tall commercial building in front of her.

Chen Yichens current position was as Executive CEO.

Although there was still a chairman and a CEO, the burden and responsibilities he had were not light either.

Managing a corporation with tens of thousands of people was not any easier than controlling the hearts of people in a family.

Fortunately, the Chen family was not like the Han family, where internal conflicts were raging.

The uncles and nephews got along harmoniously and did their own jobs.

He, as the Eldest Heir, was also the successor.

Although he was young, his thoughts and schemes did not lose out to those of the same age.

Because Yun Xi hadnt made an appointment in advance, she called Chen Yichen and told him that she was downstairs, asking him to come down so she could pass him the invitation.

After waiting for a while, Chen Yichen came down in person.

The expression of the girl at the front desk changed instantly, and she looked at this esteemed guest whom she had neglected.

“CEO, Im sorry.

I didnt know this lady was your friend.”

Chen Yichen glanced at the new receptionist and did not say anything, as if he didnt take this small matter to heart.

He turned around and smiled as he gestured for Yun Xi to go upstairs.

“Shall we talk upstairs”

“No, I have an appointment with Su Ximan.

I still have to send her an invitation! Im here today to pass along the invitation to my dads wedding to you.

Theres been a change in the date, and its happening the day after tomorrow!”

“Oh” Chen Yichen chuckled and took the invitation.

“Then lets go to the café opposite.

I have something to tell you.”

Unable to refuse, Yun Xi followed him to the café.

There was a road between the office building and the café.

When they reached the intersection, the light had already turned red.

Chen Yichen paused and looked at the figure following behind him.

He walked to her left and blocked her from the traffic.

Yun Xi tilted her head to look at the man next to her.

His gentlemanly bearing was excellent, and his mannerisms were full of aristocratic upbringing and style.

She really wished for such a good man to have a happy ending.

After she had arrived at Jingdu, he was the person who had helped her the most after Mu Feichi.

Turning away, she let out a barely audible sigh and crossed the road into the café.

Chen Yichen called the waiter over and ordered a cup of hot milk tea and some coffee-flavored desserts before opening the invitation that she had specially delivered.

“Did something happen to cause the wedding to be brought forward”

He had heard about the possibility of the wedding being brought forward from his assistant, but he didnt really expect it to be brought forward.

It was such a big event, and it was a second wedding.

It would be a joke if something went wrong.

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