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Chen Yichen understood that it was only a matter of time before she acknowledged her identity.

Whether she became the real Miss Xiao or stood by Young Commander Mus side, it did not seem to make much of a difference to her.

Danger always accompanied her.

“Since youve decided, go ahead! I support you!”

As long as it was something she wanted to do, he would do everything he could to help her achieve her wish.

If the fire at the wedding banquet wasnt strong enough, he wouldnt mind fanning the flames for her.

He still had enough evidence to threaten Yun Yuanfeng—enough to help her take drastic measures.

“Okay, thats settled then.

Ill go look for Su Ximan first.

Ill see you the day after tomorrow!”

Putting down the cup, she stood up, picked up her bag, and waved.

“Dont bother sending me off.

Ill get going first!”

Chen Yichen leaned against the sofa and watched her walk away lazily with a cup of coffee in his hand.

The fiery red dot in his vision gradually disappeared into the sea of cars at the corner of the street.

He vaguely recalled that when he first met her two years ago.

She was still a young girl with clear, stubborn, and confident eyes.

Now, she had transformed into the heiress of the Xiao Corporation, which even he and Mu Feichi could not reach.

He knew from the start that she was different from others, but he did not expect the two of them to go further and further apart.

Outside the glass window, the bright sunlight fell on the fiery red invitation.

He raised his hand and pressed it against his beating heart.

In the end, he was still indignant at having to let go of her.

When Yun Xi rushed to the private club, Su Ximan had already arrived.

She had thought that Su Ximan had invited her to the private club to eat, drink, and have fun, but unexpectedly…

Standing in front of the stone wall outside the clubhouse, she lifted her eyes to look at the red and black figure that had already climbed halfway up the stone wall.

Her movements were agile, and her figure was steady.

She did not hesitate to step onto the ground and climb the rocks with her hands.

Outdoor rock climbing is an extremely exhausting activity.

She thought that a weak and delicate young lady like her would not like it, but from the looks of it, she was an expert!

Walking forward, Yun Xi looked at the staff member who was standing under the stone wall, tracking the time with a stopwatch.

She swept her eyes over the time and the tall sign at the side.

With this height and difficulty, she reckoned that climbing up within thirty minutes was already quite impressive.

When the timer stopped at twenty-eight minutes and thirty seconds, Su Ximan was on top of the wall.

Looking at the figure standing at her feet, she raised her hand and waved, using the steel cable to lower herself down from the top.

“Miss Su, you took 28 minutes and 30 seconds for this climb.

You broke your previous record,” the staff member explained as he helped to unbuckle her safety harness.

“Not bad.

This result is more pleasing to the eye.”

As she said this, she glanced at Yun Xi.

“Girl, do you want to try I worked hard for a month to shorten it from 37 minutes to 30 minutes.

With your ability, climbing up in 30 minutes shouldnt be a problem, right”

Yun Xi looked at the rock wall.

With her ability and stamina, climbing up within twenty minutes wasnt a problem.

However, it was now time for her to hide her abilities.

Unless she had no other choice, she would try her best not to expose her abilities in front of others.

Only when others were unable to figure out the depth of her capabilities, would the opponent not dare make a move rashly.

Retracting her gaze, she smiled and waved at Su Ximan.

“Forget it, my stamina is not as good as yours.

I have something important to discuss with you today.”

“Is it your fathers second wedding” Su Ximan glanced at her as she took out the invitation from her bag.

She had already guessed her purpose for asking her out today.

“Thats right.” Yun Xi pulled out an invitation and handed it over.

“You are welcome to watch the show!”

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