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With such a novel invitation, Su Ximan could not help but raise her eyebrows and accept it.

“Youre inviting me to watch a show If theres a show to watch, then I have no choice but to go!”

Yun Xi nodded with a smile.

They were all her friends.

Lin Shuhua loved her face and wanted to invite the Big Four Conglomerate Families over to her wedding, so she did as she wished.

“Oh, Feng Yang asked me to remind you to be careful of Qi Siyu.”

“Hmm” Yun Xi stopped in her tracks.

She saw Feng Yang a few days ago, but he didnt say anything of the sort to her.

If Su Ximan had reminded her, the meaning would have been different.

Men usually do not bother with petty tricks between women.

Feng Yang probably knew about Qi Siyus despicable actions by asking Su Ximan to remind her.

“Alright, I understand.

Help me thank him!”

“Why do you need me to thank him Dont the two of you live in the same military region residences Im curious why he didnt tell you directly and instead asked me to remind you.

What does that mean What did Qi Siyu do to you”

“These are small tricks between women.

I think you should know this very well!” Yun Xi winked at her, and Su Ximan immediately understood.

“That Young Commander Mu of yours is really good at attracting girls! My Feng Yang is the best!”

Yun Xi turned her head to look at Su Ximan, who rarely showed her feminine side.

She asked with a smile, “Do you know what Feng Yang does”

Su Ximan nodded.

“I know.

Although its quite dangerous, I believe that he can come back safely! Anyway, he promised me that when Im twenty-two, he will return to marry me!”

“Yes, hes a man who keeps his promises!”

Since Su Ximan knew Feng Yangs profession, she did not say much.

After all, compared to Feng Yang, wasnt Mu Feichis profession the most dangerous

For men like them, the country was the most important thing to them.

Only after that would be their family and loved ones.

As for them, all they could do was silently support their mens choices and responsibilities without complaining.

“Oh, right.

I heard Liang Xinyi is a hostess at the Golden Palace.

Do you want to go take a look”

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes.

She knew that Liang Xinyi was a hostess, but it was a bit unkind of her to go over to make fun of her.

“Its not good for us to add fuel to the fire, right Besides, with her pride, if she sees us going over, wont she hate us to death”

“Whats there to be afraid of Were like a thorn in her flesh.

In any case, I really want to see her resentful gaze that looks like she wants to eat me up.

Its refreshing to look at!”

“What kind of hobbies do you have Can you be more normal”

“Life is short; we should not take the ordinary path! Come on, lets go have lunch and walk around.

Well go over at night.

Thats when the Golden Palace is at its most lively.

Of course, we have to pick the right time to watch the show!”

“Im so glad I didnt become your enemy!”

Su Ximan raised her eyebrows.

“Same here!”

At night, Jingdus lights were bright and beautiful.

Yun Xi stood by the car and looked at the shopping bags filled with boxes.

Then, she looked at the shop assistants who were carrying several bags, helping to send the things to the car.

This was the first time she sighed at a womans purchasing power!

In her previous life, she was busy with work and experiments and did not have much time or energy to shop and dress up.

She bought clothes, shoes, and bags directly with her credit card.

Sometimes, she even read about them in magazines and asked her assistant to purchase them for her.

This shopaholic, Su Ximan, had completely overturned her imagination of a womans purchasing power.

She estimated that she had spent no less than $100,000 that afternoon.

The shoes and bag that she had given her were already expensive.

The speed at which she spent money was admirable.

What impressed her, even more, was that she had earned this money herself!

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