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The entrance to Golden Palace was still brightly lit.

Su Ximan asked the driver to drive the car home first while she pulled Yun Xi out of the car and walked toward Golden Palace.

Yun Xi pulled her to a stop and then took out a Black VIP Card from her bag.

“You gave me a lot of things today, so Ill return the favor.

How about I treat you tonight”

She had already pulled out her card in advance, so naturally, she was treating her sincerely.

However, she did not expect that Su Ximan would immediately gasp when she saw the black card in her hand.

“My goodness, you… Why do you have this VIP Card This is the highest level card in Golden Palace!”

Thinking that she had been mistaken, Su Ximan took the card and looked at it carefully.

After confirming that it was correct, she rubbed her forehead and looked at the calm girl beside her.

“Can I ask how you got this card”

“Its from Jiang Chenghuan.

I havent used it yet!”

“Fine, then it must be genuine! Do you know There are only three people in the entire Jun Country who have this VIP Card.

Second Young Master Jiang is one of them.

With this card, its equivalent to having half the status of the boss of Golden Palace.

Did you know that Its said that the person holding the card enjoys special protection.

If youre in danger and show this card, all the bodyguards at Golden Palace will protect you and listen to your orders.

I thought that this was given to you by Young Commander Mu!”

Mu Feichi had a special status, so Yun Xi didnt know if he had this card or not.

However, she knew that both Jiang Chenghuan and Young Master Huo had it.

Huo Tingxiao had wanted to give her this card during her coming-of-age ceremony, but Jiang Chenghuan beat him to it, claiming that he wanted to repay her for saving his life.

Initially, she thought that it was a VIP membership card so that she could treat her friends to a meal in the future.

She did not take a closer look and accepted it.

If not for Su Ximans making a fuss, she would not have noticed anything special!

“Jiang Chenghuan treats me as his younger sister.

This is his birthday gift to me.

I didnt expect it to be so valuable!”

She couldnt be blamed for this.

When she took the card, she was frightened by the shares Young Master Huo had given her, so she didnt care about the value of the card.

Rich people like them would give her company shares whenever they gave her gifts.

However, she would rather receive money that she could see!

“Dont worry about it.

Lets have some fun today and be the boss tonight!”

Yun Xi glanced at her and chuckled.

“Its fine to be an honored guest, but lets forget about being the boss.

If Mu Feichi finds out that Im going to Golden Palace to see girls, he might very well raze Golden Palace to the ground!”

“I say, Yun Xi, I have a boyfriend too.

I dont want to eat your dog food!”

Su Ximan waved her hand.

“However, lets go in with this card.

If you say that you want to find a man to accompany you to drink, the manager might get you one! If you want both men and women, he will probably oblige your request!”

“I dont have that hobby! Do you really think Mu Feichi wont beat me up”

Su Ximan scoffed lightly with a disapproving look.

“Tsk! Feng Yang said that your man is the most protective and unreasonable.

I dont believe that he could bear to hit you!”

Since he dared to reveal their relationship in front of so many people at the socialite banquet, it was enough to show just how important and precious she was to him.

Otherwise, if he really didnt care, wouldnt he have hidden it with his status

She would never forget the domineering attitude of that man at the socialite banquet.

He simply wanted the whole world to know that she was his woman!

Back then, everyone present was envious, jealous, and hateful toward her.

After all, the man standing on the stage was none other than the hero in the hearts of all the women present!

He was the biggest wishful thinker in their hearts!

Of course, the people there did not include Su Ximan.

She grew up together with Feng Yang, and they were childhood sweethearts.

She enjoyed the exquisiteness and tenderness of love growing over time.

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