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The atmosphere was at a stalemate, but Liang Xinyis table was already in full party mode.

From the moment Qi Yichen appeared in front of Yun Xi, Liang Xinyis hopes were dashed.

Perhaps she still had some hope that Qi Yichen would help her out of that situation since he had helped her in the beginning.

But now, seeing the two of them being so familiar with each other, she could only think of one thing,

In addition, there was Su Ximan, who had never let her off the hook ever since she entered the Su family.

These three people were birds of a feather!

Yet, she was stupid enough to be played by all three of them!

They did all of this because they wanted to see her end up like this.

Now that it was as they wished, this group of people came together to admire her downfall.

It was simply too hateful!

Even though she knew a long time ago that Yun Xi wouldnt let her go and that the grudge between them would only end when either party died, she never expected Yun Xi to use this type of method to humiliate her!

This was the first time she hated someone so much!

“President Zhang, Im going to the washroom.

Ill be back soon…”

Liang Xinyi pinched President Zhangs lecherous hand and pulled his hand out of her underwear.

She quickly stood up and walked out of the booth.

President Zhang glanced at her, but before he could pull her back, someone quickly came over to toast him, allowing Liang Xinyi to escape from his meaty arms.

Liang Xinyi stood up and walked out.

She casually took a bottle of wine from the booth beside her and rushed toward the booth diagonally opposite.

“B*tch, go to hell!” As soon as she rushed forward, Liang Xinyi smashed the bottle in her hand at Yun Xi.

Before she could throw the bottle over, Yun Xi kicked the coffee table with her quick reflexes.

The coffee table that flew out suddenly hit Liang Xinyis knee.

Across the long coffee table, Liang Xinyi lost her balance and fell onto the coffee table.

With a crash, all the plates and wine glasses fell to the ground, instantly attracting the attention of the surrounding customers.

The unfinished dinner was still on the table.

Liang Xinyis head was buried in the plate, and the entire plate of gravy was stuck to her face and hair.

Her face, which had heavy makeup on, looked as if she had just rolled through a swamp.

“B*tch! You made me like this! I wont let you off!”

Liang Xinyi tried to stand up with the help of the coffee table, but Yun Xi pressed her head against the greasy plate.

Yun Xi leaned over and took the bottle of wine from Liang Xinyis hand.

It was not empty yet.

There was still a third of the red wine left in the bottle.

She turned the bottle over and poured the remaining red wine onto Liang Xinyis head.

The red wine, together with the greasy stains, coated Liang Xinyis face.

Her blurry vision could not hide the immense hatred in her eyes.

Compared to letting those men take advantage of her, she hated this b*tchs humiliation of her even more!

“Even if I die, I will drag you to hell!” She gritted her teeth as she spoke.

Every word seemed to be laced with poison.

Yun Xi laughed coldly, casually tossing the wine bottle in her hands onto the carpet.

Her exquisite face was calm and indifferent as always.

She looked as if she had just heard a joke, not stirring up any emotion on her expressionless face.

However, those piercing eyes were cold and clear.

They were like daggers with sharp edges, and the eerie cold light that emanated from them was even more corrosive and toxic than the strongest poison.

“I originally came from hell.

Do you think I would still be afraid I thought that when I crawled back to Jingdu from the bottom of the cliff, you should have known.”

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