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At night, Jingdu was suddenly covered in a spring rain.

The spring rain pattered for a long time, and the entire bustling city was shrouded in a layer of mist.

In a dark room, the light from a laptop screen reflected on a dispirited but handsome face.

His sharp eyes were like a venomous snakes, waiting for an opportunity in the darkness.

Under the blue light, he emanated a cold aura.

Han Ming logged out of his gaming account.

Mu Feichis people were monitoring him closely, so all his communications could only take place through online games.

Mu Feichis people were even monitoring his gaming account ever since the explosion at Jingdu Hotel.

He had so many computer experts.

Although they were all trying to find fault with him, he was not a fool.

In terms of computer skills, he was not too bad!

His dark, sinister eyes landed on the hidden encryption information that had just been removed from the game software on the computer screen.

There were only a few of them.

One was that Han Yaotian and that wretched girl, Yun Xi, had an agreement.

There was nothing good about these two people conspiring together.

They must be up to no good!

The other was the wretched girls fathers second marriage.

Han Yaotian would be bringing Qiao Ximin along to the wedding.

Han Yaotian cooperated with Yun Xi and married Qiao Ximin because he wanted the support of Mu Feichi and the Qiao family.

Once Han Ming defeated them one by one, Han Yaotian was nothing to him.

He had seen the news on the Internet about Xiao Jinglin returning to the country to invest and find his daughter.

It was hard for him not to notice the news that was being broadcast on various major websites every day.

This mans status and attention were too eye-catching.

Even in Jun country, his prowess would not be matched by the strength cultivated by the Three Noble Families.

He did not dare underestimate him.

Before figuring out the depths of Xiao Jinglins abilities, he could not act rashly.

After pondering for a moment, Han Ming logged into the game, sold a few pieces of equipment, and then asked his friends to play until midnight.

After he posted his information, he logged off.

His dark eyes landed on the wallpaper on his laptop screen.

It was a photo of a woman.

The woman on the wallpaper was smiling brightly at the camera.

He looked at it silently for a moment, then got up, turned off the lights, and went to sleep.

On the day of the wedding, Yun Xi woke up early in the morning.

The day before, she had spent half the day cleaning the house with Auntie, pasting paper decorations and adorning the house with red muslin.

Everyone in the military region residences knew about Yun Yuanfengs second marriage.

It looked like a joyous occasion, and everyone knew that Yun Yuanfengs motivation was the unborn son in Lin Shuhuas stomach.

In just two short years, Yun Xis reputation and recognition in the military region residences were even greater than Yun Yuanfengs three decades spent there.

When her stepmother officially wedded into the family, the families of the directors who had tutored Yun Xi took turns to comfort her with gifts.

It was early spring in Jingdu, but for someone like Yun Xi, who grew up in Jiangnan, the weather was cold but the peoples hearts were warm.

At around nine in the morning, Yun Xi had breakfast and comforted the old master.

She didnt care about Yun Yuanfeng, who was beaming with joy in the living room and went straight to the university to prepare for the registration at the start of the semester.

She avoided the time when Lin Shuhua came and saved herself the trouble of seeing Lin Shuhuas arrogant face for the entire day.

Since Yun Chuhan and Second Aunt were at home, there would naturally be people watching Lin Shuhuas every move.

She didnt need to worry at all.

At the auspicious time, Yun Yuanfeng received Lin Shuhua from her apartment.

In the afternoon, they began to host the guests at Pine Garden Villa.

At the entrance of the university, Yun Xi waited for Zhao Yumo to come over.

They hung around in their respective departments for a long time and only went to Pine Garden Villa at around four in the afternoon.

Yun Yuanfengs second marriage had nothing to do with her.

Although she was his daughter, she was also a bystander.

The stage had already been set up.

All that was left was to see how this show would play out until its climax!

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