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Pine Garden Villa was a vacation villa on the outskirts of Jingdu.

It was surrounded by mountain views and a lake.

The scenery around it was beautiful, and the air was much fresher than in the city.

Not only were there various entertainment facilities in the villa, but there was also a golf course, a horse ranch, and a flowerbed.

The flowers planted in the flowerbed were not only supplied to the villa but also sold to the flower market in the capital.

The villa was not far from the city and had a good geographical location.

It also became a place for Jingdus high society and businessmen to enjoy their holidays and entertainment.

Of course, the venue here was not cheap.

Lin Shuhua wanted her wedding to be an event that she could brag about.

Originally, she wanted to hold her wedding at Jingdu Hotel.

However, after the incident at the hotel, she wanted to hold a feast at Pine Garden Villa.

If it werent for the fact that the guests invited were all relatives and friends, Yun Xi would have filtered out some of the invitations and removed some of the guests.

With such a grand array of guests, it was likely that someone would report Yun Yuanfeng to the anti-corruption authorities tomorrow.

If this woman could be prudent, then so be it.

But once she made a move, she used despicable means that were not presentable.

Thus, she could not be blamed for being too ruthless.

Getting out of the car, Yun Xi looked at the guests who had arrived one after another.

They were all people she didnt know.

They were either Lin Shuhuas relatives or Yun Yuanfengs colleagues.

However, what surprised her was that the security in the villa was not bad.

She knew that these were all orders from Mr.

Xiao as he was afraid that she would get hurt in his territory.

Yun Xi scanned her surroundings.

Apart from Xiaoer and Xiaosi, who had gone to pick her up, the other eight people were all dressed up as guests, waiting for her instructions and arrangements.

“Darling, your dad is really willing to spend so much money on this Lin Shuhua! Look at the scale of this event.

It must have cost a lot of money!”

“The security was arranged by Mr.


As for the wedding, I didnt interfere.

I guess Lin Shuhua was the one who requested it.

She probably thinks that this wedding will only happen once in her life and she will have to depend on my dad for the rest of her life.

If she doesnt spend more money this time, she might not even have the capital to show off to others in the future.

Besides, my dad listens to everything she says.

While her son is still in her womb, she will have plenty of chips to use.

When her son is born, her existence might not be as important as her sons.

She should be calculating how many benefits she can get by using her son as leverage.”

Zhao Yumo nodded.

“Thats true.

To your father, a son is more important than anything else.

As for my family, I dont understand why my father doesnt have another son.

Ive already grown up, so why should I be afraid of falling out of favor”

Yun Xi glanced at Zhao Yumo but didnt say anything.

She smiled and patted her shoulder.

“Youre the Young Miss of the Zhao family.

Even if your dad has a son, you will still have to carry on the Zhao familys business.

We both dont have older brothers to help us carry on the family business, so we can only work hard ourselves!”

She did not tell her that Madam Zhao, the person whom she was calling her mother now, was actually her stepmother.

Her biological mother had passed away after giving birth to her, and no one in the entire Zhao family dared to mention the past.


Zhao had never wanted a son, yet he was able to persuade his second wife not to want a child.

The love and nostalgia he had for his first wife made her admire him.

“Thats right! We can only work hard on our own! But your biological father is rich and powerful.

He will help you clear all the obstacles in your way.

You dont have to worry.”

“Clearing obstacles is only a small part of the grand scheme of things.

I prefer to forge my own path!”

“Well said! Lets go.

The show is about to start.

Lets keep a low profile today so that others wont target you again.”

Yun Xi nodded.

She really had to keep a low profile today.

When something happened to Yun Yuanfeng, even though she would also lose face, at the very least, she wouldnt become everyones focal point.

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