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“Its not just him.

Qi Yichen came over too.

But Qi Yichen didnt come to the banquet hall.

He went to the golf course instead.”

Yun Xi nodded.

“I got it.

Have people keep a close eye on them, especially that lunatic Han Ming.

If he does anything out of the ordinary, inform me immediately! Nothing must happen to todays banquet hall!”

“Yes! Ive already informed them to enter the banquet hall.

The security is very strict.

Ive also had people check the banquet hall repeatedly to ensure that there were no dangerous items.”

Han Ming and Qi Yichens arrival had exceeded Yun Xis expectations.

If she didnt have any plans, she might not have cared what they were doing here.

However, she had no choice but to be wary of that lunatic Han Ming.

Previously, he had blown up Jingdu Hotel.

This time, the banquet host was the Yun family.

If anything happened, the Yun family would be pushed to the forefront and become the target of public criticism.

“Dont worry about me for now.

Go about your business.

There are many people here.

Ill be fine!”

“Yes!” Xiaosi nodded.

“Xiaoyi is on undercover duty.

Today, he and the security in the villa will protect you.

Young Miss, you have to be careful!”

“You too.

Dont let anything happen to you either!”

After reminding him to be careful, Yun Xi took a deep breath and turned around to return to the lively banquet hall.

When she returned to the banquet hall, Chen Yichen walked over from the crowd and handed her a glass of fruit juice.

He had a formal smile on his handsome face, which looked so perfect that no one could fault him.

“It looks like the event will be very lively today.

Everyone who should or shouldnt have come is here!”

The corners of Yun Xis lips twitched.

She raised the glass and toasted him with a smile.

“Eldest Heir, just enjoy the show.”

It wasnt time for the banquet yet.

After Yun Xi received a few guests, Xiaoyi came in from outside.

He was wearing the working clothes of the villas staff.

He lowered his head and whispered in Yun Xis ear, “Han Ming got someone to call Qiao Ximin out.”

Yun Xi frowned slightly.

Did Han Ming know Qiao Ximin Why hadnt she received any news

Something flashed through her mind.

She narrowed her eyes and asked in a low voice, “Which direction did he go”

“Over by the flowerbeds.”

Yun Xi furrowed her brows in thought and then said quietly, “Go and call Han Yaotian out.

Ill wait by the fence outside.”

If it was really as she had guessed, she would go and eavesdrop on their conversation.

The effect would be great if Han Yaotian were to be there!


Ill go right away! Our people are all by the side.

Young Miss, be careful!”

“I know what to do.

Dont worry!”

Yun Xi nodded.

She tilted her head and looked around, quickly rushing into the shadows from the brightly lit entrance.

She stood by the unremarkable fence as she waited for Han Yaotian to come out.

After a short while, Han Yaotian hurriedly walked in that direction.

Yun Xi called out to him in a low voice as she waved at him.

Han Yaotian looked around vigilantly.

Seeing that no one was around, he quickly walked over.

“Miss Yun Why did you ask me to come here”

Han Yaotian looked around.

The vegetation here was dense, and there was a specially repaired limestone road leading to other golf courses and flowerbeds.

It was already six oclock, and the sky was already dark.

The vintage lights cast a dim yellow glow on the surroundings.

“When I came out, I realized that Han Ming is here as well!”

“That illegitimate son” Han Yaotian was stunned.

“Why is he here Did you invite him”

“How is that be possible! He came all the way here himself and even called Qiao Ximin over.

Come, lets go over and listen to what they have to say.

If the two of them join forces, then you wont stand a chance! After all, Han Ming is your fathers favorite son!”

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