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After figuring this out, the last bit of trust she had for Han Yaotian instantly dissipated into ashes from the anger burning in her chest.

Han Ming kept staring at her beautiful face under the light.

Every gaze and every expression was filled with longing, and he did not want to miss a second of it.

“If you want that girl, Yun Xi, to die, only I can help you!”

“You What can you offer to help me” Qiao Ximin snapped out of her fury and looked at the man in front of her.

Han Ming indeed looked a little similar to Han Yaotian.

However, compared to him, Han Yaotian was more mature and steady.

The man in front of her did not only have an air of hostility, but he also had a kind of sharp coldness.

He was like a poisonous snake waiting for an opportunity to strike, and to be near him was to anticipate the danger of being swallowed at any moment.

She did not like to interact with men like him.

No matter how good-looking he was, he still terrified her deep down.

However, what he said was not wrong either.

Among the Big Four Conglomerate Families, the Jiang, Chen, and Su families were all on good terms with Yun Xi.

She couldnt depend on their strength to seek revenge, let alone have them help her seize the Qiao family.

Other than them, she could not find any other forces to help her.

In this way, she could not possibly inherit the Qiao family.

Was she really going to cooperate with this illegitimate child

“Because Im sincere toward you, I dont care who you are or what youve experienced.

Those are not important to me! Ive liked you for three years, since the moment I saw you at the airport! Because of you, I got into Jingdu University and entered the same faculty as you, but youve never cast a second glance at me.”

Qiao Ximin raised her head with a frown, unable to believe that this person was actually her admirer.

Han Ming couldnt wait to show her his sincerity.

An urgent glint flashed in his dark eyes.

“Something happened to you at Jingdu Hotel at the charity banquet that girl hosted.

I only received the news the next morning, but it was still too late!”

At the mention of what happened that night, Han Ming was so angry that he could barely control his emotions.

Even Qiao Ximin felt humiliated.

If she hadnt drunk the drugged wine, she wouldnt have gotten involved with that hopeless Han Yaotian!

She had the qualifications to compete with Yun Xi.

She even had the chance to be with the Young Commander and be with the man she yearned for so much!

But now, she has lost her innocence.

She no longer had the right to get close to the man she regarded as a god!

When she thought of these things, she wished that Liang Xinyi, that idiot, would die without a grave!

Han Ming looked down at her reddened eyes, his heart aching so much that he wanted to reach out and hug her.

However, Qiao Ximin suddenly took a step back.

The pride of an heiress made her unwilling to belittle herself in front of another man.

“Thats enough!” Qiao Ximin turned away, unable to suppress the surging hatred in her chest.

Since it had already happened, there was no point in talking about it.

It would not change the reality.

“Those who hurt you deserve to die! So… on New Years Eve, Jingdu Hotel exploded.

I wanted everyone to have a bad year!”

“You…” Qiao Ximin was shocked.

She looked up and met Han Mings crazy and sharp eyes.

She knew about the explosion at Jingdu Hotel.

Although the news was blocked on Chinese New Years Eve, such a huge matter could not be covered up!

She never thought that this man would take revenge on her behalf!

This… this was too cruel!

“You were the one who did that!” Qiao Ximin asked again with uncertainty.

“You did it because of me…”

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