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Chapter 178: A Lesson I Will Never Forget

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After Yun Xi repeatedly emphasized how important it was to her, Mu Feichi agreed to let her handle the Han Wanling affair herself.

Although he didnt feel completely at ease, Mu Feichi was also interested in seeing how she, a young girl who hadnt yet established herself, was going to deal with the Han family, one of the four most distinguished families.

No matter how bad things got, he would always have her back.

After theyd practiced close combat and self-rescue training, Li Zilan didnt give her any time to relax.

Taking advantage of the fact that Mu Feichi had gone to take a phone call, she dragged her over and threw her directly into an area full of booby traps.

Yun Xi was dumbfounded.

The vast plain looked peaceful, but she knew Li Zilans devious nature well enough to know better.

She wouldnt throw her here for no reason, so the only possibility was…

When she thought of how danger probably lurked in every corner and how every step she took might be on a land mine, she was extremely nervous.

Yun Xi had barely had time to acquire any lifesaving skills, so how could Li Zilan just throw her in here without caring that she might get blown up.

Feng Rui and Qi Yuan, who were looking on, couldnt help but gasp at the situation.

They desperately tried to get Young Marshal Mus attention.

As soon as Mu Feichi turned around, he saw her on the grass.

He didnt bother continuing his phone call and threw the phone to Qi Yuan and ran over.

“Li Zilan, you must be crazy! She has no basic foundation at all yet, you actually…”

Mu Feichi glared at Li Zilan fiercely, and he stared at the figure standing on the lawn with tensed-up nerves.

He couldnt imagine what the consequences would be if she stepped on a mine!

Li Zilan was truly a daredevil capable of anything, so who knew what she would do.

Yun Xi dared not make a move.

After all, she really didnt understand what she should be looking for at all.

She had some basic familiarity with small grenades, but this sort of invisible danger… She hadnt learned about these kinds of precision instruments yet.

“Stand there and dont move.

Ill come and get you.”

Mu Feichis eyes were furious.

He clenched his fists, and his handsome face was all tensed up like a volcano on the verge of eruption.

There was a dangerous vibe coming off him.

As soon as Mu Feichi looked as if he was going to go onto the lawn, Li Zilan stepped onto the lawn full of booby traps.

Not giving him any chance to save Yun Xi, she stopped at a place beside Yun Xi.

“Young Marshal Mu, you cant keep spoiling her.

If she doesnt even have the courage to learn this, why bother”

Li Zilan looked at the figure who was about to step forward and raised her hand to stop him.

“I have stepped on a mine.

If you come over, I will raise my foot.”

Facing his murderous eyes, Li Zilan patted Yun Xis babyish face fearlessly.

“The mine under my foot might blow us to pieces in an instant.”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows.

His face looked extremely sinister.

Even Li Zilan couldnt help but shiver as she was provoking him.

Sure enough, tyrants shouldnt be easily provoked.

When it came to this girl, he didnt have any sense of reason at all.

If she was ever used as a bargaining chip by an enemy, even ten groups of bodyguards wouldnt be enough to clean up the mess Mu Feichi would make.

Mu Feichis face sank.

“Youre threatening me!”

The man who had never been threatened before got a taste of what it was like to be threatened today.

“Not a threat, just a reminder.

You know what I mean.”

Including the fact that he had given the orders to all his people in Jingdu today, once this girl becomes a target, she wont be safe anywhere.

Its not that Mu Feichi didnt understand the reminders and warnings in her words, it was just that hed never thought of pushing this girl to the forefront of danger.

The incident with Han Wanling wasnt her fault, and anyone who touched his bottom line would be dealt with without any mercy.

“Stand there and dont come over.

This is just the first lesson she will learn.

When you taught me these things back in the day, you werent so protective.”

Li Zilan snorted softly and quickly put on a charming smile when she turned her head to look at Yun Xi.

“Boss Zilan, this will probably be a lesson I will never forget.”

“Only with your vulnerabilities out in the open will you learn to be vigilant and cautious.”

Li Zilan handed her the tools and said, “Go ahead! Do as I say.”

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