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“Thats right! I did it for you! No matter who those people are, whoever hurts you must die!”

Because his masterpiece was very successful, Han Mings eyes contained a bit of satisfaction and craziness from attaining great success.

“Those people at the hotel saw you being taken away but didnt help you, so they deserve to die! That wretched girl was the one who organized the banquet.

She harmed you for no reason.

She deserves to die even more!”

So many innocent people died on the night of the Lunar New Year.

To him, it was just a way to make use of a flower to please a woman.

Qiao Ximin looked at the crazy man in front of her and felt a little scared.

She stood there with trembling hands and did not speak.

Seeing that she did not say a word, Han Ming thought that she was moved by his actions and was somewhat excited.

“No matter what you become, I dont care.

As long as you are with me, I dont care about anything.

I can help you no matter what you want to do! If you want that sl*t Yun Xi to die, I also have my methods! You must know that only I can help you! Dont marry Han Yaotian.

Just wait for me.

I can return to the Han family and inherit everything!”

Qiao Ximin clenched her fists in her pockets.

She was tempted by his suggestion, especially at a time like this when she had no other choice.

That d*mn girl, Yun Xi, had gotten into the hands of the Young Commander.

With the Young Commander protecting her, she couldnt touch her.

If she wanted her to die, she needed external help and a sharp knife.

Han Mings blade, which had delivered itself right to her, was not only useful but also sharp enough.

Now, it was up to her how to use this knife!

“You… let me think about it.” All this talk might cause her to end up with nothing.

She had to consider her options carefully.

Even if Han Yaotian was useless, Han Ming was not easy to fool.

He was more dangerous than Han Yaotian.

She had to be cautious when dealing with people like him.

“No problem! Ive been waiting for so many years; I dont care about this little bit of time! Now that everyone knows that you and Han Yaotian are getting engaged, what do you plan to do”

“Cancel the engagement or postpone it.

I can handle this.”

“Then you can postpone the engagement date.

Anyway, Ill be returning to the Han family soon.

In the future, when were together—”

Qiao Ximin did not dare think about what would happen in the future and hurriedly interrupted him.

“Well talk about it in the future!”

The marriage between the Han family and the Qiao family had nothing to do with postponing the engagement and wedding date.

In the future, it would still be the Han family and the Qiao family tying the knot.

It was just a different groom.

“Its getting late.

Ill go back first, in case Han Yaotian gets suspicious.” Qiao Ximin glanced at Han Ming and turned to walk toward the main entrance.

Han Ming did not give up and chased after her.

“Ill walk you there!”

Only then, after the two of them walked far away, did Yun Xi let go of Han Yaotians shoulder.

If she hadnt stopped him just now, the man who heard the conversation might have lost control of his emotions and rushed out.

“How Have you calmed down” She stood up and looked coldly at the man who was still squatting on the ground.

“Now you have seen it with your own eyes! Your younger brother is a lunatic!”

She finally understood today that the explosion at Jingdu Hotel was Han Mings revenge for Qiao Ximins loss of innocence!

Because he was unhappy, he used such extreme means to take revenge.

He was no different from a lunatic!

“I dont have a younger brother!” Han Yaotian suddenly stood up, and his eyes, which were hidden in the darkness, were cold and piercing.

“Although I knew that I was just a chess piece used by Han Hongbin, Im still very disappointed.

Were both his sons, but why is this lunatic more pampered and noble than me Why is he able to get everything from the Han family while Im just a stepping stone for him All these years, Ive done so much for the Han family, but what did I get in return”

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