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Yun Xi looked down at his defeated appearance and scoffed lightly.

“Thats enough.

What are you depressed about Everything has its pros and cons.

Han Ming likes Qiao Ximin.

This is your most advantageous weapon!”

“What do you mean” Han Yaotian turned to look at the girl standing behind him.

Under the dim light, her blue clothes looked even colder than the night sky.

“If Han Ming doesnt have any weaknesses, that would make him invulnerable! But he likes Qiao Ximin and would even do such a cruel thing as blowing up a hotel for her.

It shows how crazy he is! To him, Qiao Ximin is his fatal weakness.

As long as you use Qiao Ximin well, why would you be worried about not being able to restrain Han Ming”

Turning her head away, she gazed at the moon above her.

The moon was bright and the stars were sparse.

Other than the cold, there was an endless chill in her heart.

Since Han Ming was so crazy and unscrupulous, she would show them what she was capable of.

She didnt mind sending them to hell together.

“Youre right… but Qiao Ximin will definitely be tempted by the proposal just now! I know very well how much she wants to take over the Qiao familys inheritance rights.

She will consider it carefully! If Han Ming is the chosen heir, then she will choose to be with Han Ming without any hesitation.

What should I do then!”

Yun Xi gave him a speechless look.

She turned around and walked out of the shadows, walking back the way she came.

“Have you lost your mind! Han Ming is willing to do anything for Qiao Ximin.

He can take over the Qiao family for her and deal with Qiao Xinli for her.

You should have been the one to do all of this.

Now that someone is doing it for her, why not just let it be When the time comes, you just have to sit back and reap the benefits.

As long as Han Ming dies, Qiao Ximin will return to your side, and she will still be yours! Once Han Ming dies, Han Hongbin will only have you as his only son, forcing him to change his will.

By then, both the Qiao family and the Han family will be yours!”

She really wanted to cry because of Han Yaotians stupidity.

As long as it involved the Han family and benefits, his brain could not work fast enough!

He was so stupid.

How did she fall for him in her previous life Was it his looks His face was not even as pleasing as Mu Feichis!

When he heard Yun Xis reminder, Han Yaotian immediately snapped back to reality, the confusion and unwillingness he felt a moment ago instantly disappearing!

“Thats right! As long as Han Ming dies, then everything will be mine! I only need to sit back and reap the benefits.

Why didnt I think of such a simple truth Yun Xi, you are my lucky star!”

He abruptly raised his head to look at the figure walking in front of him, suppressing the urge to rush forward and hug her.

“Alright, youd better plan how to postpone your engagement to Qiao Ximin and how to silently kill Han Ming!”

“Then will you help me Han Ming doesnt seem easy to deal with!”

This was a mans intuition.

Han Ming, this madman, could be so ruthless in his attacks and even obtain explosives.

No matter how one looked at it, he didnt seem like a simple person.

“Hes not easy to deal with.

Are you a pushover As long as you have money, theres nothing you cant do.

However, you really cant underestimate Han Ming.

Be wary and dont die before someone tries to get rid of you.

Youve worked by Han Hongbins side for so many years.

Dont tell me you dont know anything about him”

Han Hongbin had mercenary resources.

She didnt believe that Han Yaotian didnt know anything.

As long as he had money, he wouldnt have to worry about being unable to do what he wanted.

The brothers were killing each other, and if Han Hongbin personally watched this show, it would be the icing on the cake!

Her words reminded Han Yaotian of something.

He pondered for a moment and nodded slightly.

“I understand.

Ill be careful!”

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