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Chapter 179: Repeated Failure Paves the Way for Success

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Yun Xi looked at the tools in her hand, then at Li Zilan.

Li Zilans life was in her hands.

She stepped back and trembled.

“Boss Zilan, how could you put your life in the hands of a rookie Your courage and boldness are really quite impressive.”

She couldnt help feeling impressed.

Li Zilan had dared to threaten Young Marshal Mu and now shed placed her life in Yun Xis hands.

If she accidentally made a mistake, the bomb would explode, and both of them would be dead.

“Youre too polite.You dont realize that back in the day Young Marshal Mu was much tougher than I am now! This lesson was taught to me by the invincible Young Marshal Mu himself, so Im just copying his torturous method from back in the day.”

Compared to how he had tortured her then, it was much more pleasurable to torture the woman he now cared about.

Seeing Young Marshal Mu anxiously and senselessly roaring, she felt extremely smug.

“He…he threw you into such a dangerous place back then”

Thinking about what had happened during her training, Li Zilan sneered.

“He threw me in back then and gave me a tool to save myself.

But it seemed as if God was on my side, and I survived all the torture.”

With understanding on her face, Yun Xi sucked in her breath.

Sure enough, bodyguard training was inhuman and hellish torture!

“Girl, these sort of situations are like dealing with the grim reaper.

Once you step in, its like you have one foot in the mortal world and one foot in hell.

Whether or not you will survive depends on your perseverance and insight.

Compared to a small grenade, this is much more mentally challenging!”

“You are overestimating me!” Yun Xi sighed and lay down on the ground.

“Use a mine probe to gauge the position, then dig with a shovel.

Be careful not to use brute force.

When youre almost done digging, use a brush to clean it and determine the model.

Start digging!”

Lying on the ground and with tensed-up nerves, Yun Xi started testing the position with the mine probe, then she started digging carefully in the mud with a small shovel.

Halfway through digging, she raised her head and glanced at the abnormally calm Li Zilan.

“Boss Zilan, the disc shape under your feet has three layers.

Two layers have the same volume.

The last layer is under your feet.

I cant judge the model.”

“That is the most basic type of mine.

Its not recommended for use in most countries now.

After all, it is too dangerous and inhumane.”

“How should I disable it”

“Using the principles of mechanics.

Take out the steel wire rope from your pocket and the knife too.”

Yun Xi followed Li Zilans instructions and carefully tied the steel wire to the top, then used the principles of mechanics to spread the force on the four steel wires fixed around, instead of the force of where her foot was stepping so the thimble wouldnt sink.

No detail could be neglected.

After finishing these series of maneuvers carefully, Yun Xi discovered that her back was wet.

Li Zilan stared at her maneuvering the whole time, and she only gave verbal instructions.

It was obvious that the immature girl in front of her was much smarter than she had been in the past.

Not only was she courageous, but her comprehension abilities also exceeded what Li Zilan had thought possible.

She squatted down slightly, then, after some testing, she slowly moved her foot.

The four steel wires blocked and the firing pin did not sink.

Only then did she let out a breath of relief.

Even though shed risked her life to train this girl, she was also tense and full of cold sweat.

She finally led her out of the grass and toward Young Marshal Mu, who was also drenched in cold sweat.

Seeing her come back safe and sound gave him more relief than surviving all the ordeals hed encountered throughout his life.

As soon as she walked off the lawn, Yun Xi gasped for breath.

She was overwhelmed with the feeling of having survived a life-or-death situation.

When she raised her eyes, she met Mu Feichis admiring, solemn eyes.

Her pink cheeks were stained with dirt, and the dazzling smile on her face made her appear like a flower blooming through a crack in a rock.

Facing the bright sunlight, she appeared vivacious and full of vigor.

He was a little dazed and raised his hand to wipe the dirt off her face.

There was a never-before-seen gentleness in his jaded eyes.

Repeated failure paved the way for success.

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