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“Its already so late.

Is Young Master Qi not going back yet”

Seeing that he still didnt want to let go, Yun Xi sighed helplessly.

She took the glass he held from him, handing it over to Xiaosi.

Qi Yichens face remained unchanged, as if he didnt care that she didnt appreciate his gesture of kindness.

He stared at her without saying anything.

“If youre not leaving, then Im leaving!”

“Dont go just yet! Im still hungry after what happened tonight! How about I treat you to supper”

“…” What happened in the villa was not a secret.

She did not want to guess if he was in the banquet hall or on the golf course.

It did not matter to her whether he knew or not.

“Do I look like someone who cant afford supper Do I need your treat”

Afraid that he would continue to pester her, she turned around and walked out.

Qi Yichen was not a simple man, and she was not stupid enough to let others scheme against her.

“So why dont you treat me to supper Anyway, you can afford supper.

Im poor, so you can treat me!”

“…” Yun Xi suddenly stopped in her tracks and turned around to glare at the shameless man behind her.

She saw that he was smiling kindly at her, completely demonstrating what it meant to not hit a smiling person!

Yun Xis lips twitched when she saw his roguish appearance.

“Young Master Qi, you havent learned anything about your sisters arrogance and aloofness!”

“Im not her.

She has to act all high and mighty in front of others to show her status as the prime ministers daughter.

Im just a rich playboy.

Whom do I have to act cold and aloof for”

Yun Xi gave him a cold look, then turned around and walked toward the car Xiaoer drove over.

Qi Yichen followed behind her.

Seeing her get into the car, he followed her in.

Xiaoer looked at the man in the rear-view mirror who was sticking to Yun Xi like glue.

He didnt start the car and waited for Young Miss to speak.

“Lets go!” Yun Xi didnt even look at the man who insisted on getting into the car.

She gave Xiaoer the address of the supper place and told him to drive over.

“Lass, did you enjoy the show tonight”

Leaning against the seat, Qi Yichen leaned against the car door lazily, as if he were chatting with a friend.

Yun Xi turned around to give him a look.

There werent many people she invited to watch the show, and most of them were friends she acknowledged.

Most of them also knew that she was the one who schemed against Yun Yuanfeng tonight.

However, she was surprised that Qi Yichen could tell.

After all, she kept a low profile tonight.

“You cant exactly say that it was pleasing to the eye, so why do you say that, Young Master Qi Cant you tell that the Yun family lost face tonight and also brought me down with them”

“Yes, thats true.

However, if you had been a little more ruthless, you might not have been implicated.

Now that things have turned out this way, Im afraid everyone in Jingdu will know tomorrow that the top socialites father committed a crime of intentional injury.

The higher-ups will definitely invite him over for tea.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and snorted.

“Thats my fathers own business.

Hes the one who committed this sin, so he has to bear it.”

“His position is coveted by too many people.

Its a lucrative position, to begin with,” he gently reminded her as he stroked his sideburns slowly.

“If something happens to him, there will definitely be many people adding fuel to the fire.

In fact, those messy scandals will be exposed in private.

It can be said that everyone kicks a man who is down.

If you want to help him, you cant do it with your current connections and capabilities.

As for whether his position can be maintained, that will depend on whether our Young Commander Mu is willing to help.

Regardless of whether he helps or not, there will definitely be people who will drag you down with your father.

You are bound together in both glory and loss.

In this show, youre the one at a disadvantage.

Why do you have to waste your efforts and give others a chance”

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