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Yun Yuanfeng sat in the living room all night.

With just one sleepless night, the hair on his head seemed to have turned grey from weariness.

After an entire night of racking his brains for all the possible solutions and thinking about all the consequences he would have to face, he could not think of a single person who could help.

He had thought that since Yun Xi had latched herself onto the Young Commander, she would come in handy at a time like this.

However, the most valuable asset he had happened to have a deadly temperament! This was the only time that he felt such overwhelming sadness in all his life.

Almost everyone in the family had heard their fight in the living room last night, and no one came downstairs to help, let alone offer to clean up the mess for Yun Yuanfeng.

In the wake of such a shameful deed, not only did Yun Yuanfeng lose his pride, but everyone in the family had also lost their dignity.

Yun Chuhan initially felt pretty pleased that they had driven her future stepmother away.

However, after she heard Yun Xi quarreling with their father and storming off, she thought a little more about it and realized their predicament was not as cheerful as she had imagined.

She, too, felt embarrassed about the wedding.

The parents of her classmates were there at the wedding.

If she went to school today, she would be made fun of by her classmates, especially now that the situation had gotten out of hand.

If her father were to be penalized or kicked off his position, she would no longer call herself the directors daughter.

What would her classmates think of her then

However, when she thought about the Young Commander who had Yun Xis back, she thought perhaps she was just overthinking things.

There was no way Yun Xi would just watch their father get kicked off his position!

Without the title of the directors daughter, how would she befit the Young Commander Even if not for her father, Yun Xi was bound to use her status as a first-class socialite to its full potential for her own sake! After mulling it over, she decided there was not much to worry about.

After breakfast, she immediately headed off to school, not giving another thought to Yun Yuanfengs affairs.

To her surprise, the moment she walked to the gate of the military region residences, she was pushed to the side by people who came rushing out of the several cars outside.

The people charged toward the gate of the military region residences.

After they quickly unrolled a banner, they began shouting toward the inside of the compound.

“Yun Yuanfeng—the murderer—must pay!”

Six words were written in black on the dazzling white banner.

They did not stand too close to the compound and stayed right next to the gate, where they would not obstruct the entry and exit of vehicles.

Holding onto their massive banner as they shouted to the people inside.

Yun Chuhan looked at the words above, then looked back down at the crowd holding the banner, and she immediately spotted Lin Shuhuas eldest brother.

It was no trivial matter to protest, especially right outside the military region residences.

If they caused a huge scene, the entire Yun family might get kicked out of the place!

No matter how dense Yun Chuhan was, she could tell the seriousness of the matter.

Especially when she saw it was those of the Lin family that had come all the way here to cause trouble, she became even more annoyed! The Lin family was the one who started this mess, while the Yun family had not even gone after them for the humiliation they caused!

“What are you doing! Who are you calling a murderer That heinous seed in Lin Shuhuas stomach isnt even my fathers.

This is too much! How dare you come all the way to my front door and cause a riot We havent even sued you for fraud!”

“Get lost, you stupid cow! Go back in and get Yun Yuanfeng out here! My sister is dead, and he killed her! Ill make him pay for what he did!”

“Yes! Make him pay!” The bunch of relatives that Lin Shuhuas eldest brother had brought along echoed loudly in unison from behind him.

Yun Chuhan suddenly felt dazed, and fear shuddered through her.

“Lin Shuhua is dead How is that possible Didnt they say she was fine after the operation last night!”

“But then, she started hemorrhaging a second time late at night when she became hysterical! Its all Yun Yuanfengs fault for pushing her down the stairs.

She wouldnt have died if she had given birth to the child under normal circumstances! Get that son of a b*tch out here! Yun Yuanfeng—the murderer—must pay!”

“Yes! The murderer must pay!”

“Tell him to get the f*ck out here!”

“…” Yun Chuhans head was buzzing.

She did not dare wait a minute longer and quickly ran back to the house.

If that really were the case, and if her father had killed Lin Shuhua indirectly, that would be considered indirect manslaughter.

If she was labeled the daughter of a murderer, what was she supposed to do then! Liang Xiuqin was already in prison.

Her reputation and future would be ruined if her father got locked away too!

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