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The commotion at the entrance of the military region residences quickly alarmed everyone in the entire compound.

Since it was the morning peak hour, there were a lot of vehicles passing through, and almost every one of them stopped to take a look.

The response of the guards at the military region residences was a little slower than usual today.

One-fifth of the guards dispatched were guarding the gate.

However, as no orders were given from the top, no one stepped forward to disperse the crowd.

Yun Yuanfeng was still wearing his bridegrooms suit from the day before.

Meanwhile, Grandfather Yun had gone back upstairs after breakfast.

After all the commotion caused by the previous evenings scandal, he did not have any dignity left to leave the house and meet up with his chess buddies.

Yao Ying and her husband had retreated to their villa outside of the military region residences the night before.

They quickly returned to the Yun house first thing in the morning because they feared that Yun Xi might get bullied or that the old man might become bedridden from shock and anger.

Looking at the disheveled Yun Yuanfeng sitting in the living room after a sleepless night, Yao Ying felt a little pleased.

He deserved it for bringing it upon himself!

However, when she heard from the housekeeper that Yun Xi had stormed off the night before and had not returned, her insides filled with rage yet again.

After all the mess that Yun Yuanfeng created, he was supposed to beg Yun Xi for help, yet he made her storm off.


“Dad! Dad! Its bad! Were in trouble!” Yao Ying was sighing when she heard Yun Chuhans anxious cry coming from outside.

“What are you yelling about!” Yun Yuanfeng was already upset, but when he heard Yun Chuhan shouting at the door, he became even more irritated.

He was already in bad shape, and what he dreaded most was for more to happen that involved him.

He was already on the brink of insanity!

Yun Chuhan stopped at the entrance to the house, panting slightly as she said, “Lin Shuhua is dead! Her family is holding a banner and making a huge scene at the gate of the compound!”

“What What did you say!” Yun Yuanfeng felt his head blow up inside.

He jumped up from the couch, exclaiming in surprise as if he could not comprehend the words she was saying.

“I said Lin Shuhua is dead! Her relatives are causing a big scene at the gate of the compound right now! They are calling you a murderer and demanding you to pay with your life!”

“Shes dead How can she be dead Wasnt she just fine yesterday”

Yun Yuanfeng felt a chill run down his spine.

He thought he had heard it wrong the first time, and his mind suddenly went blank.

“Her eldest brother said that she could not deal with the shock and started hemorrhaging a second time.

They couldnt save her…”

Yun Chuhan did not dare finish her sentence because she was equally frightened right then.

She was afraid that she would become the daughter of a murderer!

“Dad! What should we do They are gathered in front of the compound, and they want you to pay for what you did with your life! What should we do!”

Even if she went to school now, she wouldnt be able to concentrate, not with all that commotion outside.

As long as this matter was not resolved, she would never be able to focus on her studies.

“I didnt kill anyone! I didnt kill anyone…”

Yun Yuanfeng was in shock.

When he heard that they wanted him to pay with his life, he felt all the energy drain from his body.

His eyes turned dark, and he slumped wearily back onto the couch.

“What should we do now They are already at our door, and soon the entire neighborhood will know… Dad, youve got to think of something quick!”

When Yun Chuhan saw how hopeless Yun Yuanfeng was being, her heart became even more anxious.

“Right! Yun Xi! Dad, hurry up and call Yun Xi to get her to come back! Shes the only one who can help us now! So long as she asks the Young Commander for help, hell definitely be able to bury this incident! But, once this gets blown out of proportion, itll be too late to pick up the pieces!”

“Yes, yes…” Yun Yuanfeng suddenly came back to his senses, and with trembling hands, he picked up his phone from the couch and dialed Yun Xis number.

However, as soon as the call was connected, before he could even say a word, a formal female voice came from the other end.

“Hello, the number you dialed is unavailable…”

Yun Yuanfeng was taken aback.

Thinking he must have dialed the wrong number, he hung up and quickly tried calling again.

And just as before, the same voice came from the other end.

“Her phone is off.

That cant be right…”

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