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Everyone else had not slept well at all, while Yun Xi had a surprisingly good nights sleep in her room at the Xiao family villa.

The moment her biological alarm went off, she woke up automatically and turned to look at the pink and white clock on the bedside table.

It was already past eight in the morning, so she brushed her teeth and changed her clothes before heading downstairs.

Seeing her come down the stairs, Xiao Jinglin, sitting on the couch, looked up from the morning paper and waved to her.

Xiao Jinglin had hired his own exclusive butler from Country M to look after the Xiao family villa.

The butler was an old man who had been working with the Xiao family for ages.

As he saw Yun Xi descending the stairs, he politely stepped forward and asked, “Young Miss, good morning! What would you like to have for breakfast”

“Um, Im craving shrimp dumplings and scallion pancakes.” In the Yun house, she could never have a fusion of northern and southern delicacies in the same meal.

However, since there was a dedicated chef here, she could have whatever she wanted.

The butler nodded with a smile, but Xiao Jinglin couldnt help but let out a chuckle.

“Your taste for northern-southern fusion cuisine is very much like your mothers.

She lived in a water village for a while, and upon returning, her taste for the food there remained.

Even in Country M, she insisted on eating Chinese food for breakfast.”

“Umm… is there anyone else left in the Rong family” She was afraid to bring up Xiao Jinglins sad memories, so she rarely asked about their past.

“The Rong family, lets see… Well, the Rong family is a big family in City W.

Their ancestors were also highly respected aristocrats.

During the Republic of China, they were a big family of trade in the Jun Country.

Since your mother hasnt been found, I havent had the dignity to go back to see her family.

I told the old man that I wouldnt go back until I found her, but its a different matter now.

So, after things have been settled here, Ill take you back to City W to meet your grandfather and your other relatives.”

Yun Xi nodded.

They were all her birth mothers relatives.

She believed everything was moving along in a positive light, and she had faith they would be able to get her mother back.

“Come, have a look at todays morning paper!” Xiao Jinglin handed her the opened newspaper, then he picked up the cup on the table and poured her a glass of honey drink.

“I just received news that Lin Shuhuas relatives are holding a protest at the gate of the military region residences.

Also, members of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection had acquired evidence against Yun Yuanfeng from an anonymous source early this morning for corruption, misconduct, and prostitution.

They should be on their way to the compound as we speak.”

“What” Yun Xi whipped up her head in surprise.

“Out of the blue Who sent it Did you manage to find out”

“It was something that Mu Jinzhi gave me.

I felt it was necessary to use it at a time like this.”

“You had someone send it over to them” Yun Xi was a little surprised.

She had saved this piece of evidence and spared Yun Yuanfeng from being cornered in the deep end because she did not want the Yun family to lose all their dignity.

But seeing as how Mr.

Xiao went and added fuel to the fire on top of all the commotion already happening, the Yun family would likely have to pack up and leave the military region residences.

“Its also the best way to make sure they wont be causing any more trouble in the future.

I know you have a soft spot for that family, but if this flame doesnt turn into a raging fire, it will never be enough to sever your ties to the Yun family.

Even if you feel sorry for Grandfather Yun, the Yun family will survive somehow.

The old man has more than one son, after all.

Since the Yun family has supported you for over a decade, I will repay them this favor in your stead.

This is the least I can do as your father, and it should not be a burden you need to carry.”

Yun Xi understood why he was so insistent about this.

After all, this was not her stand to make.

It was just that she had personally sent Liang Xiuqin to prison, and now they were sending Yun Yuanfeng to be locked away too.

She could not help but feel a little sorry for Grandfather Yun.

“I have already instructed them to carry this out accordingly.

During this time, Yun Yuanfeng will be detained in isolation.

There will be a period before the actual trial.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection will also need time to collect more evidence.

This period will be just enough for us to declare your newfound identity.

This must all be done before Yun Yuanfengs trial; otherwise, it will also affect your reputation.”

“I understand! Im just afraid that Grandpa will hold this against me…”

“Everyone knows that this is all Yun Yuanfengs fault.

No one can blame you for this, and it has nothing to do with you at all.

If you decide to offer your assistance, you will become the Yun familys benefactor.

Now, we have the upper hand.”

Only at that moment did Yun Xi realize that her birth father was the true mastermind at turning tides!

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