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Chapter 180: You Must Be Bored with Your Life, Right

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Mu Feichi and Yun Xi were at the Mu family mansion.

Mu Feichi had acquired sportswear identical to the ones Yun Xi wore, so that she could change her clothes easily.

After theyd both changed, Mu Feichi drove down the mountain, taking Yun Xi to the first sentry post.

Suddenly, someone jumped out of the bushes, right in their path.

Caught off guard, Mu Feichi slammed on the brakes.

Seeing the car heading straight toward her, the person who had jumped into the road screamed, covering her head and face.

Since hed been forced to slam on the brakes hard and fast, a situation where the occupants of the car suffered whiplash occurred.

Yun Xi was not wearing a seat belt, so she hit the windshield.

Mu Feichi almost subconsciously reached out and protected Yun Xis forehead, because the only thing on his mind was fear that she would hurt herself.

Thus, when Yun Xi crashed into the windshield, Mu Feichis hand was between her head and the windshield, cushioning her.

She felt no pain since her head never hit the windshield, but instead felt the soft sensation of a strong palm on her forehead.

The sound of groaning snapped Yun Xi back to reality, and she struggled to sit up.

“Young Master Mu…are you okay” She turned her head and watched him retract his hand.

“Im okay.” Mu Feichi frowned and had a grave look in his eyes.

He immediately asked about her condition.

“Youre not hurt, are you”

“Im fine, but you…”

She caught him unprepared and clasped his wrist and pulled his right hand over where she could look at it.

She then checked it carefully.

Since the force of slamming on the brakes had been so sudden, her forehead still felt a little sore.

He, however, had used the back of his hand as a cushion for her.

“Your five fingers are connected to your heart, so they hurt, right”

She looked at the red and swollen hand, and, as she rubbed the thick calluses around his five fingers with her soft hand, she felt something stir inside.

“Its okay, dont worry.”

“It was all my fault.

If I had worn a seat belt, none of this would have happened!”

With her head down, Yun Xi pursed her lips, feeling guilty.

Shed learned her lesson.

Even if she was just traveling two or three miles, she now realized that she must wear a seat belt just in case.

Mu Feichi smiled slightly, and his eyes were calm, yet they seemed to gleam brightly.

Her sympathy and distress made his heart melt.

Removing his hand from her grasp, he rubbed her head.

Then he turned to look at the figure standing outside the car, and his eyes grew cold.

Pushing the car door open and getting out, Mu Feichi slammed the door closed heavily and strode toward the woman who had jumped out in front of them from the middle of nowhere.

Hearing his footsteps, Han Wanling raised her head in surprise.

However, before she even had time to react, a large hand clasped her by the neck.

“Mu, Young Marshal Mu…”

With her neck tightly clasped in Mu Feichis large fist, Han Wanlings eyes widened in horror, and her expression was that of complete disbelief.

Mu Feichi tightened his grip and unceremoniously flung Han Wanling toward the front of the car.

Han Wanlings face went pale as she was thrown onto the front of the car with a bang.

After being choked by the neck, she was now so out of breath that she couldnt even cry out.

This enraged madman, like a bloodthirsty wolf, had a murderous vibe about him.

Han Wanling couldnt help but start to shake as she attempted to pry Mu Feichis hands off her neck.

“Han Wanling, you must be bored with your life, right It seems as if I didnt do a good enough job teaching the Han family a lesson the last time I encountered you.

I guess you still dont know your place.

Dont think that I wont dare do anything to you just because youre from the Han family.”

“Mu, Young Marshal Mu…I, I, Im here to apologize…”

With her neck gripped tightly, Han Wanling was extremely flushed.

With the strength that he was using, Mu Feichi was on the verge of choking her to death.

Yun Xi grabbed a few tissues and got down from the passenger seat.

Mu Feichi glanced at her, then threw Han Wanling down on the ground roughly.

As if he had touched something disgusting, Mu Feichi took the tissues from Yun Xis hand and wiped his hands thoroughly.

He then threw the tissues at Han Wanlings face with disgust.

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