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Chapter 1909: New Chapter 8: Planning Ahead

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The three of them stood in front of the one-way glass with their translation headsets, silently watching the interrogation room behind one of the panes.

After Xiaoliu understood the situation and went in, he deliberately guided the man to answer questions.

The man became very agitated when he heard Xiaoliu talk about the girl on the tarmac.

He was shouting hysterically and repeating what he had just said.

The panic on his face and the horror in his eyes was unmistakable.

At first glance, one would think that he had been tortured inhumanely and was intimidated until he was on the verge of breaking down.

Yun Xi pressed the translation headset attached to her ear, and her raised eyebrows revealed a coldness that she could barely suppress.

She whispered to Xiaoliu in the interrogation room, “Try to get him to calm down and find out the identity of this person hes seen.

Then throw out some bait and promise to send him back.

Take the opportunity to find out the location of their stronghold.”

The people who had pursued Rong Rong all those years ago had either died or disappeared.

Nobody could be alive without leaving behind any trace of their existence.

The Xiao family searched the entire world but could not find her mothers whereabouts.

There was not even a trace of her.

However, it would not be strange if the other party had hidden her in an isolated stronghold like the Golden Triangles rainforest stronghold in Myanmar.

As Qi Yuan communicated with the man in broken Burmese, he deliberated over what Xiaoliu had said and translated it more accurately for the man.

As they listened to the mechanical translation voice coming from the earpiece, especially when they heard the words “Doctor”, “Twenty Years Ago”, and “Lizhai Village”, everyones expressions instantly turned ugly.

The timeline and profession matched.

Her face had also drawn some attention.

Yun Xi clenched her fists, but she could not calm down.

Once anyone from the stronghold left the place, everyone in the stronghold would be slaughtered!

No wonder this man was so frightened to see her here that he did not have the rationality to distinguish her carefully.

If that person was her mother, who had been brought to the isolated village and threatened with the lives of the entire village, then it made sense that there had been no news of her for so many years.

In the interrogation room, Qi Yuan enlarged the map on the tablet in front of the man and asked him to point out the general location of the stronghold.

The man was not stupid.

Seeing that they had agreed to send him back, he insisted on leading the way himself.

He refused to reveal the exact location.

After that, no matter how Qi Yuan tried to bait him, he only mentioned a place.

He insisted on keeping his mouth shut.

Outside the interrogation room, Xiao Jinglins expression did not change.

He looked down at the terrain map on the tablet, and his eyes became deep and cold.

Perhaps it was because he had waited too many years for too much disappointing news.

When he received a series of bad news, Xiao Jinglin was calmer than anyone else.

“The Golden Triangle area is not under our countrys jurisdiction.

The locals are very united.

They protect each other from outsiders.

We cant get in without the locals bringing us.

Ill get someone to check the exact location.

After all, its not our territory.

We have to plan ahead.”

On this point, Mu Feichi shared the same outlook as Xiao Jinglin.

He nodded, his voice calm.

“Most of the locals are poor.

As long as there is enough money, they should be able to find out some information.

As soon as people leave the village, they will slaughter the entire village.

To save their lives, they must be very vigilant in this matter.

They have to be careful when asking for information.”

It was not easy for them to obtain this bit of information.

If they alerted the enemy and caused them to move their nest away, their efforts would be in vain!

Xiao Jinglin said, “I have connections here.

We can let them scout for information first.”

The two of them decided swiftly.

Yun Xi did not even have a chance to speak.

Mu Feichis tense yet handsome face relaxed after Xiao Jinglin left as if he could tell she was worried.

He raised his hand to rub her head.

A faint smile flashed in his eyes.

“Dont worry, this is good news.

The power is in our hands.


Xiao has worked hard for so many years.

The strength of the Xiao Financial Magnate is enough to subvert a town.

You have to believe that he can create miracles!”

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