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Chapter 185: Sometimes Soft and Sometimes Tough, She Was Unpredictable

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Underneath her crown of wet black hair, there was an oval face with delicate features and clear bright eyes.

She gave off the faint fragrance of rose.

It was refreshing and aromatic.

The fragrance was soft and subtle, just like her, and she seemed so tender that he couldnt bear to use any force, for fear that even the slightest force could hurt her.

Yet, in contrast to this fragile appearance, he knew she was extremely resilient and strong-willed.

Such an adorable little creature was really irresistible to him.

“Dont do what Your hand got hurt, so just let me rub the medicine on it for you.”

Then she took out the bottle of medicine that shed given him from where she could see it poking out of his pocket and used her soft little hands to rub it in.

She flipped over his injured hand and placed it on her knees.


Yun Xi stared at the medicine bottle in her hand and at the hand resting on her knees.

It seemed as if his hand had probably gotten extremely hurt, because she could see a dark red bruise that had spread all over the back of his hand.

“You came all the way here and even climbed over the wall just to let me rub in the medicine for you”

Even thinking about this baffled Yun Xi.

Why did Young Marshal Mu have such an unorthodox way of thinking

“What other reason do you think I came here for”

Mu Feichi chuckled lightly, and, gazing at her delicate earlobes, he felt stirred inside.

“Okay, okay! I can rub it in for you even if Im standing up.”

“No, no, just rub it in while you sit where you are.”

Rejecting her suggestion in a domineering fashion, she was left with no choice.

Yun Xi felt a little stymied.

Didnt he know that there was a difference between men and women

Moreover, she wasnt a child anymore, so he couldnt treat her the same way as if he was treating a daughter or a child.

“Why, are you uncomfortable sitting on my lap like Im your human cushion”

Yun Xi rolled her eyes.

“If I say I feel uncomfortable, will Master Mu let me get up”


“…” It was practically pointless to say anything, and she had no power to resist his dominating presence.

Rather than wasting time quarreling with him, it was better to just rub in the medicine for him and let him go.

Holding his big rough hand, Yun Xi poured the medicine onto the palm and then rubbed it onto the back of his hand after it had become warm.

It would take about two days for the bruises to heal.

At the moment, however, she was thinking about how starting tomorrow she would have to lock her windows.

Otherwise, if he came in like this every day, she felt that she would get really infuriated with him.

With a touch of warmth, her tender little hand covered the back of his hand.

The bruise on the back of his hand was still a bit painful, but when she rubbed it so softly, he felt that his heart was about to melt.

There was a saying that women were made of water.

And the little creature in front of him was sometimes as soft as water, soft enough to melt his heart.

Yet sometimes she was as tough as ice, with amazing courage and fighting spirit.

Sometimes soft and sometimes tough, she was unpredictable.

“Okay, put your hand away and let me get up.”

After twisting the cap of the medicine bottle back on, Yun Xi pushed his hand away.

His legs were so rigid that instead of a human cushion it felt as if she was sitting on an iron plate instead.

Mu Feichi looked at the red bruise on the back of his hand, then smiled and removed the hand that had been clasped around her waist.

As soon as she was freed, Yun Xi stood up, but her legs felt numb.

Even her feet felt numb.

She definitely wouldnt choose this kind of “cushion”.

“You can set the password for the laptop yourself.

I also put a safe under your bed.

You can put your valuable things in there.”

“What You…”

Yun Xi rushed toward her bed to take a look.

Sure enough, there was an aqua-green safe under the bed.

It wasnt very large, and it could easily be concealed.

When she raised her head, Mu Feichi was no longer on the sofa.

She went to the open window and looked at the figure waving at her from below.

She let out a sigh of relief.

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