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Chapter 187: Naive and Gullible

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Yun Xis nonchalant demeanor baffled Yang Lu.

“No way That woman is really that vicious Are you okay”

“Im okay! Dont worry.”

Yang Lu frowned.

Her gut feelings told her that something was wrong.

“But doesnt she understand the relationship between me and you Yet she asked me to spy on you Is she in her right mind”

“Its not that she isnt in her right mind, but rather that she wants to use you as her bait…”

She didnt explain what she meant, but smiled and said, “She came to you on purpose to cause strife between us.”

“You mean she wasnt worried that Id tell you”

“On the contrary, her true motive was for you to tell on her.

Some would think that by your telling on her, if I was on my guard, I might think it was a trap and choose not to believe you.

And this sort of strife could ruin the relationship between us.

Nobody would be stupid enough to actually say this to a person, so if you did, the person probably wouldnt believe you and think that you were doing it on purpose, so they could swoop in and set a trap for me later on.”

“But I didnt lie, she really asked me, and I didnt agree.

How could I do that to you”

Yang Lu vaguely understood the meaning of Yun Xis words.

The fact that the woman had come to her, no matter what shed said or done, was enough to make some people suspicious.

She wouldnt even need to do anything to make the two of them suspect each other.

D*mn it! Shed been trying to frame her.

“I know, I believe you, Im not blind, and I can tell reality from falsehoods.

If I didnt believe you, I wouldnt be telling you this.

You have to be more cautious in the future, and you should think more deeply about such matters.

Not everyone is as smart as I am.”

“I…I know…”

She hadnt really begun to understand the evils of humanity, and she didnt have very much experience as she hadnt stepped out into society yet.

When Yun Xi explained what had occurred, she felt that she had been really naive.

“What are you going to do She seemed to be looking for you…”

“I will do nothing.

Since she came to see you, it means that she has investigated me.

In our class, who else do you think might become her private eye”

As Yun Xi said this, Yang Lu grasped the meaning of her words and turned her head directly to look in Liang Xinyis direction.

“So, since she hasnt made any moves yet, lets not get too nervous.”

Yun Xi gazed at Yang Lus innocent countenance and sighed.

“Yang Lu, you and the class leader…”

Upon hearing Li Sinuo mentioned, Yang Lu looked nervous.

Shed already spilled all the beans about the framing incident.

After Yun Xi had analyzed it for her, shed realized that she had also become the class leaders pawn to frame Yun Xi.

After being used by two people, she blamed herself for being so stupid.

How could she have been stupid enough to be friends with a phony person such as Li Sinuo.

“I went to her and talked to her about it.

I was already being very nice by not ratting her out.

From now on, she and I wont cross paths.

I wont be friends with a person like her.”

Yun Xi smiled and asked, “Do you think that Im trying to cause a rift between the two of you”

Someone as naive as Yang Lu was really vulnerable to being used by others.

Yang Lu didnt have an evil heart and was actually quite straightforward once one got to know her.

Her passionate disposition was quite endearing.

“Im not stupid.

I can tell right from wrong.

Why would you be friends with me and tutor me if you still held a grudge Li Sinuo is prideful and haughty, so she approached me just to use me, and I was dumb enough to fall for it.

Its bad enough that I fell for it once, but if I didnt learn my lesson that would be truly dumb.”

Yang Lu was intelligent and kindhearted.

She took everything Yun Xi had said to her to heart.

It was only after shed analyzed the framing incident that she gradually began to understand the complexity of human nature.

She had been too naive and gullible, and she hadnt been able to hold her own against their schemes at all.

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