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Chapter 188: Difficult for Her to Plead Her Innocence

After discovering that Han Wanling hadnt given up yet, Yun Xi wasnt particularly worried and carried on as usual.

In the third year of high school, the curriculum was getting more and more rigorous, and she wanted to pull all the people who had given her trouble under the bus in one fell swoop.

Otherwise, these problems could go on indefinitely, which would be troublesome and annoying.

As for Jiang Henglin, she didnt know whether he actually liked Yun Ziling or if he simply wanted to humiliate her and give her a hard time.

From time to time, he would drive his sports car to the school gates and pick up Yun Ziling and take her out to eat and go shopping.

Even Liang Xinyi had reaped the benefits of this relationship by using Yun Zilings leftover desserts to kiss up to people in the class.

Since birds of a feather flocked together, Liang Xinyis awkward social skills had actually managed to win back some people.

“Xinyi, I saw you and Yun Ziling get out of a sports car at lunchtime.

That sports car must be worth millions! Ive never sat in such a car in my entire life.”

“Yeah, yeah! And that man in the car was so handsome!”

“Which family is that rich young master from What is your relationship with him”


There was a lot of discussion around Yun Xi.

Some people even raised their voices, as if they were deliberately doing it so Yun Xi could hear that they were talking about her.

Yang Lu was annoyed by all their nosy chatter.

She kept making mistakes on a problem she had just solved.

She slammed the textbook in her hand on the table and stood up abruptly.

“What is all this fuss Is self-study period a place for you guys to gossip How can others study in such an environment”

As soon as Yang Lu yelled, all the female classmates surrounding Liang Xinyi and kissing up to her stopped.

They turned their heads to look at Yang Lu, one after another, showing contempt and disdain.

“Stop taking yourself so seriously and pretending you love to study.

Youre just trying to be the teachers pet after all the trouble you caused.”

“Yeah! Yun Xi schemed against you and framed you.

You better be careful!”

“Maybe shes purposely approached you just to avenge what happened to her before.”


With all the distracting chatter, both mocking Yang Lu and Yun Xi, Yang Lus face grew pale with anger.

When shed told Yun Xi that someone had tried to bribe her a few days ago, Yun Xi had told her that the person had ulterior motives.

Hearing these words from her classmates who she went to school with every day, Yang Lu realized that it was truly difficult for her to plead her innocence.

“Shut up, all of you.

Instead of studying hard in our last year, you are all here gossiping instead.

Dont you want to go to college”

“What does it have to do with you whether or not we take the university entrance exam You should mind your own business.”

“Thats right.

If you try any more tricks, be careful or Yun Xi will handle you.”

Yang Lus face grew stiff, and she turned her head and looked at Yun Xi, who was smiling at her and shaking her head.

Yang Lus words felt stuck in her throat.

“You…” She didnt want to say any vicious words.

Yun Xi closed her book and then walked over and dragged Yang Lu back and sat down.

“Yang Lu, you only need to remember what I said to you, I dont want to say more about the others.

For those who arent worthy, there is no need to waste your precious time talking nonsense with them.

Do you understand”

Yang Lu stared at Yun Xis calm and imposing countenance in a daze.

Looking at Yun Xis wisdom that went well beyond her years suddenly made Yang Lu understand.

Nodding, she felt the resentful words of grievance at the tip of her tongue suddenly disappear.

“I understand…”

Upon seeing that theyd failed to cause a rift between them, they all looked over at Liang Xinyi at the same time, then at Yun Xi, and felt somewhat unsettled.

After Yang Lu had sat down next to Yun Xi, shed seemed to have changed her personality.

Besides her academic achievements, shed become calm and low key.

The sudden drastic gap in terms of grades made them subconsciously jealous and made them feel that she was a potential threat.

So whenever there was a chance to participate in a quarrel, all those who were jealous of her immediately gathered together.

Yun Xi glanced at Liang Xinyi and said airily, “In self-study classes, gossiping should be done outside of the classroom.

If it affects other students studying, Ill have no choice but to ask the homeroom teacher to watch over the group.”

The homeroom teacher had always been fond of Yun Xi, so no one wanted to offend her.

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