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Chapter 195: You Cant Judge a Book by Its Cover

Halfway through their meal, the two underlings brought the medicine back, so Yun Xi ordered two more bowls of noodles.

She also ordered two empty bowls and some boiling water.

As soon as shed finished ordering, Xiang Yuanjiu, who was sitting opposite her, looked unhappy.

He wasnt receiving any sort of special treatment.

He was no different from his two followers to her.

Yun Xi lifted her eyes and glanced at Yuanjius dissatisfied expression.

Without saying a word, she poured the powdered Chinese medicine into a bowl, added hot water and glycerin, and started mixing it.

The black lacquered bowl gave off a strong scent of traditional Chinese medicine.

Xiang Yuanjiu was so overwhelmed by the smell of the medicine that he completely lost his appetite.

“Hey! Are you trying to poison me”

He had a conflicted expression on his face.

“If I wanted to poison you, would I have gone through all this trouble”

Yun Xi replied lazily, cut a piece of gauze, and put the viscous ointment on the gauze little by little.

When the temperature had dropped, she pressed the ointment on the sprained ankle, then wrapped it up in gauze.

The female shop owner couldnt help asking, intrigued, “Girl, what kind of ointment is this It smells like traditional Chinese medicine.”

“The ointment is used for the treatment of joint sprains and the dislocation of bones and muscles.

He just sprained his ankle, so its temporarily being used for first aid.”

“Is it really effective” The female shop owner looked curious.

She couldnt help thinking that at such a young age she would not only not be able to prescribe this mixture or make a plaster on the spot.

It must be either that it was an ancestral traditional formula or she must have had some special training.

Western medicine hadnt been that effective for her sons arm, but perhaps Chinese medicine passed down through generations could cure it.

Something had to be done about her son, who had been whining about his arm every day.

If it wasnt cured, there could be side effects that were disastrous.

“He only sprained his ankle, so there shouldnt be any problems after I apply this.”

“Um…” The lady began tentatively.

“My little son was being naughty a while ago and sprained his arm.

The doctor said it has pretty much healed and shouldnt hurt anymore, but he keeps whining that it hurts.

Perhaps its because it didnt heal properly Or there were some side effects, like rheumatism”

Yun Xi raised her head and smiled kindly.

“This ointment can be used for various treatments.

Madam, is your son out of school”

“School is over! Hes inside! Ill call him over.

Please take a look at him.”

“All right!” Yun Xi nodded.

Xiang Yuanjiu glanced at her, then looked at the eager lady, and he couldnt help but snort.

“Hey, arent you a high school student Why do you know so much about Chinese medicine”

He didnt believe it at first, but when she pinched his ankle the sensation that his bones were back in their right position felt amazing.

“My dream is to become a forensic doctor.”

Yun Xi raised her head and glanced at the punk opposite her.

“Do you know what a forensic doctor does Its a doctor who conducts autopsies on punks who die unexpectedly in fights.

The doctor finds out the cause of death and provides clues for the police to catch the murderer.

Do you understand”

“…Thats disgusting!”

Obviously shocked by her dream job, Xiang Yuanjiu shivered vehemently after hearing it.

He didnt expect such a Goody Two-shoes, prim and proper girl to have such aspirations.

How unexpected.

It seems that you cant judge a book by its cover.

“Its not disgusting.

Its just helping achieve justice for people…dead people.”

“…” Before the topic was finished, Xiang Yuanjiu turned his head away and pointed to the ointment on the table and asked, “How do I use this”

“Take it home, pour hot water into a bowl, put the ointment in the bowl and steam it with warm steam until it turns soft, then stick it on the ankle.”

“Why does this look like dogskin plaster”

“This was originally dogskin plaster.”


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