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Chapter 197: Use Her Own Tricks Against Her

The news that Xiang Yuanjiu had his eyes on Yun Xi quickly reached Mu Feichis ears.

Looking at the documents that had been handed over by his subordinates, all that was left was for him to dig up dirt on his 18th-generation ancestors.

Qi Yuan glanced at Young Marshal Mu.

The documents had passed through his hands first, and it wasnt as if there was something he shouldnt have seen.

Han Wanling really was a persistent stalker.

Young Marshal Mu cared about the friendship between their two families, and the only reason that he hadnt dealt with the Han family mercilessly was because he was indebted to Han Wanlings father.

However, did Han Wanling really think that Young Marshal Mu was an endlessly patient kindhearted Bodhisattva

What a joke! Who had ever seen the patriarch of a wealthy family with the heart of Bodhisattva

“Young Master Mu, what do you plan to do about this person”

Young Marshal Mu probably couldnt take such a petty punk seriously.

Mu Feichi took the documents in his hand and threw them on the coffee table.

Sadism flashed across his face.

“You think that little wildcat doesnt know that Han Wanling is digging her own grave”

“Uh…” As for the nickname, little wildcat, Qi Yuan knew that Mu Feichi was talking about none other than Yun Xi.

“That girl is really smart, but it is very difficult to guard against honey traps.

Who knows what other tricks Han Wanling might have up her sleeve.”

“Honey traps Yun Xi could beat up that juvenile punk who hasnt even reached puberty!”

Mu Feichi sneered, and, from his contemptuous tone, it was obvious that he didnt take that adolescent punk seriously.

“…” Qi Yuan sheepishly shut his mouth.

“We dont have to intervene in this matter, because the girl can handle it herself.

If shed wanted our help, she would have come to me herself.”

“Boss, you might as well use her tricks to our advantage.

Wouldnt it be better for that girl to come to you herself”

He had never seen Young Marshal Mu have such reservations.

He had always been a decision maker.

Resolute and decisive, domineering and proud, hed truly lived up to his name and status.

In short, he just wanted a viable excuse to see that girl.

It was like what he did behind the scenes at the last auction, when he lured the girl into climbing into the window.

“If even I know about using their own tricks against them, you really think she wouldnt know If I spoil her game, she will chew me out.”

When he said this, he didnt even notice that doting on and being protective of her had almost become his subconscious habit.

He didnt worry that the girl would suffer.

Not even her mother had been able to take advantage of her, let alone someone else.

It was actually a blessing that Han Wanling was digging her own grave, because he didnt have much patience.

Now, he wouldnt have to find excuses to deal with the Han family in the future.

“You send a few clever ones to follow her and let me know if something happens.

If anyone lets Yun Xi find out shes being followed, he will have to go see Li Zilan for punishment.”

“Yes, sir.” Qi Yuan stood up straight and saluted him, but secretly he sighed inside.

Although they werent ordinary people, the girl wasnt ordinary either.

Sooner or later, they would be discovered.

It was only a matter of when.

“Also, have someone send Dabai back to the mansion.

Well raise it in the woods.

It has become wild.”

“Yes, sir.

I will notify Lin Zi immediately!”

Whod said that it would scare the girl, so it should be raised in the woods for the time being It had taken less than a month for him to backtrack on his words.

Mu Feichi looked down at the pool and garden outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.

It was already autumn.

The temperature at the top of the mountain was a few degrees lower than that at the foot of the mountain, but the air was much fresher.

There were a lot of wild azaleas on the mountains, and several had colors that were particularly vivid.

The one planted in the courtyard was a colorful azalea hed brought back from another area, and the flowers on one bush bloomed in two colors.

The red and white colors of the azalea appeared especially dazzling when they bloomed together.

The girl had stared at it for a long time when she came here last time and had asked him curiously why it looked different from the azaleas in the countryside.

He was looking forward to seeing how this shrewd, clever girl planned on using Han Wanlings tricks against her in order to turn the tide in her favor.

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