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Chapter 198: Three Women in One Farce

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The schools intense prep course was given to the top students of the entire grade.

Zhao Yumo had always been self-confident and had never placed too much importance on others, so she had few friends in the class.

However, she enjoyed good relations with Yun Xi.

She always sat next to Yun Xi during the prep class and would poke fun at her from time to time.

Yun Xi was helpless against her teasing, but she had no choice because she didnt have many friends at school.

Zhao Yumo and Yang Lu were her only friends.

Yun Xi really didnt like Zhou Chengzhe, the top student in the grade.

He was egotistical and opportunistic.

These few words were enough to describe him.

Although his family was poor, he didnt seem to know what humility was.

Probably because all he ever did was study, he was a single-minded nerd.

He was the typical example of someone with a high IQ but low EQ.

Every time he went to the prep class and saw Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo sitting together, the expression in his eyes would be cold and arrogant.

It was probably because he couldnt understand why they had to be so attention-seeking when they were both academically gifted and from distinguished families.

After Yun Xi had ranked second place in the grade, shed started receiving much attention from her peers.

Because of the cheating scandal, however, many of the top students in the grade regarded her with contempt and disdain.

Yun Xi didnt care, but Zhao Yumo didnt have such a good temper and was quite annoyed with them.

She fired back at their criticisms, showing no mercy.

Upon seeing her getting worked up into a fury as she fired back at those haughty elite scholars, Yun Xi suddenly felt impressed by this down-to-earth, straightforward girl.

Zhao Yumo had excellent grades, a distinguished background, and was the teachers pet, so no one dared to contradict her.

“Look at them, their eyes shooting daggers at you as if they want to tear you apart.

Youd better stop messing around.”

Yun Xi had also learned that Zhao Yumos family was second only to the four major distinguished families in Jingdu.

No wonder no one dared to mess with her.

“Little Yun Xi, you dont know this, but these kind of bullies harass the weak but fear the strong.”

Zhao Yumo acted nonchalant, but, upon remembering what shed seen this morning, she quickly pulled Yun Xi closer to whisper into her ear.

After hearing what shed said, Yun Xi frowned and glanced toward the back at Li Sinuo, who was sitting in the second row from the left.

“I thought that what happened last time had taught her a lesson.

Who wouldve thought that she had the balls to team up with Liang Xinyi”

“Please! Without you, she would rank number one in the class.

I just dont know what tricks they have up their sleeves this time.”

Yun Xi smiled as she remembered that Liang Xinyi had been heading out early and returning late recently.

She remained calm and clear.

“Dont worry, the good show hasnt started yet.

Just you wait, there will be three women in one farce.”

Since Li Sinuo couldnt control herself, she would just have to pull her into the mess.

Yun Xi had thought that shed learned her lesson after Yun Xi had let her off the hook last time.

But no, who wouldve thought that she would have the nerve to come out into the open this time.

Early Saturday morning, Yun Xi told the guard at the sentry post to please take her excuses for missing the day practicing to Mu Feichi.

Then she took the bus and rushed to Ling Jings studio.

Ling Jings clothing show was held in the Jingdu Exhibition Hall.

So many people had shown up that it was hard to find a ticket.

In addition to manufacturers and investors, there were also many well-known industry insiders and wealthy socialites.

After all, he was the Presidents wifes exclusive designer, so he was esteemed and talented.

The affluent socialites lined up to get one of his designs.

Yun Xi stood in the back and glanced around the auditorium.

The extravagant crowd looked as if they thought that they were walking the red carpet.

It was the first time shed attended such an event, so she felt a little nervous but was also looking forward to it.

Her dress was going to appear in the finale, and the golden phoenix crown on her head was making her neck hurt.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she couldnt believe her eyes.

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