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Chapter 203: How Can You Repay Me Like This

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As soon as Yun Xi arrived at the school gates on Monday morning, she was stopped by Xiang Yuanjiu, who had seemingly come out of nowhere.

Seeing him looking lively and active, she surmised that his foot had healed.

“Girl, your ointment was really effective.

My sprain has already healed.”

Fearing that she wouldnt believe him, Xiang Yuanjiu thrust out his foot and rubbed his ankle.

“Look, its all to your credit.”

“If youre all right, go away, and dont just show up in front of me again.”

“Dont be like that.

I havent repaid you yet.”

Saying that, he waved to his two underlings who quickly ran over with all the breakfast pastries and snacks they had brought to Yun Xi.

“Sister-in-law, this is our boss repaying you.”

“Yeah! Sister-in-law, we have brought everything you girls like to eat…”

“Shut up!” Yun Xi felt her headache coming on when she heard them call her that name.

The two underlings were stunned by her yelling and looked at Xiang Yuanjiu.

“Boss, sister-in-law wont accept the presents.”

“Boss, I guess sister-in-law doesnt like them…”

“Would you all please shut up!”

It was time for school and all the students passing by the school gates were looking over and staring.

Yun Xi couldnt bear it and gave Xiang Yuanjiu a cold glance.

“Xiang Yuanjiu, how can you repay me like this”

She was a senior in high school.

How could she mingle with a man in society

Xiang Yuanjiu didnt understand why she suddenly looked so furious and asked with a dazed expression, “Whats wrong Dont you like these treats Tell me what you want, and I will make them buy it.”

“I want you all to go away right now.” Yun Xi gave him a look and waved her hand impatiently.

“Dont show up in front of me again!”

Regardless of whether or not he had been sent by Han Wanling as part of her power game, Yun Xi was unwilling to drag innocent people into her problems.

Xiang Yuanjiu scratched his head and looked confused.

“What did I do wrong Im here to show my gratitude…”

Just as Yun Xi was about to answer, Liang Xinyis patronizing voice sounded from behind her, “Yun Xi, what are you doing, hooking up with men in society”

Upon hearing her voice, Yun Xi had a sick feeling in her gut.

As expected, she turned her head and saw the homeroom teacher standing next to Liang Xinyi.

Before she could speak, Liang Xinyi took the lead.

She didnt slander her, but rather pretended to plead for Yun Xi.

“Teacher Xu, dont get this wrong! Its not what you think.

Yun Xi has good grades and is attractive, so its normal for someone to chase after her.

Theres no way she got involved with these men of her own accord.”

The eagerness and passionate way she defended Yun Xi made it seem as if she felt agonized that Yun Xi would do such a thing.

People who didnt know her would probably think she was really worried for her cousin and was fearful that she would go down a stray path.

Yun Xi couldnt help but sneer as she listened.

Liang Xinyis words, both overtly and indirectly, were insinuating that she was dating this man.

Their school had strict standards, so everyone knew the consequences for associating with these types of men.

Of course, Liang Xinyi couldnt resist slandering her.

Yun Xi looked at Liang Xinyi contemptuously.

“Cousin, I thank you.”

“Yun Xi, please clearly explain the situation to the homeroom teacher.

Its not your fault, they must be pestering you…”

Teacher Xu glanced at the two men who were carrying all the treats, then at Xiang Yuanjiu, who was their leader, and he did not look pleased.

Frowning, he asked, “Yun Xi, whats going on here”

Yun Xi shrugged innocently.

“I dont know them.”

Teacher Xu had always been partial toward Yun Xi, an intelligent and upstanding student, so naturally he did not want her to have anything to do with these men, so as not to ruin her reputation.

“If you dont know them, what are you standing here for Class is about to start, hurry up and go inside.”

Just as Yun Xi was about to say okay, Li Sinuos voice suddenly sounded from the sidelines.

“Teacher Xu, I clearly saw Yun Xi go out with them by climbing over the wall last Friday, and they went across the street to eat noodles together.

So you saying you dont know them doesnt seem convincing, does it”

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