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Chapter 205: The Tide Turned

Seeing the noodle shop owner, Yun Xi was slightly caught off guard.

She hadnt expected the female shop owner to come to the school.

“Madame, you have to continue applying the medicine for its full course.”

“Ah, Ill remember that.” The lady gazed at her gratefully, then stuffed a large bag of things and a red envelope into her hand.

“These are some pastries and breakfast weve just prepared.

We have a small business so theres not much we can repay you with.

Dont laugh…”

Looking at the stuff in her hand, Yun Xi quickly pushed them away.

“Madame, you are too courteous.

Me helping you was just a chance occurrence.

It wasnt a doctors visit.

I cant accept this.”

“No, you have to keep it.

We are sincerely grateful.”

“I accept your gratitude, but I really cant accept these things.”

Since the two of them were getting nowhere, Yun Xi pushed away the red envelope and accepted breakfast.

“Then I will accept this, because I didnt eat breakfast yet.

I cant accept the red envelope, otherwise I wont go to your store to eat noodles in the future.”

Seeing how insistent she was, the lady nodded.

“Then you are welcome to come frequently.”

“Okay! I will see your son another day to make sure that there are no side effects.”


Thank you! Ill be heading back now because I have to take my child to school.”

As soon as the female shop owner had left, Xiang Yuanjiu leaned over.

“Hey, since youve accepted the gift from the female shop owner, you should accept my gifts as well, right”

“No! Im not going to accept it or else people will think that I have some sort of relationship with you.

Do you want my name to be forever smeared If you want to repay me, dont pester me and stay away from me.”

“Okay, Ill go away.”

Not wanting to cause her any more trouble, Xiang Yuanjiu nodded, waved his hand, and led his two underlings away.

Upon seeing this situation, Liang Xinyi and Li Sinuo both looked a little confused and a little rueful.

After finally catching Yun Xi red-handed doing something she shouldnt, who wouldve thought that she could…work her way out of it.

They had missed their opportunity.

Especially when the female shop owner got involved, the tide had turned.

At this moment, the homeroom teacher had finally understood what was going on.

He glared at Li Sinuo and Liang Xinyi sternly.

He had almost been misled by the two of them.

“Yun Xi, what exactly did you do so that they came to thank you”

“I learned about Chinese medicine in the countryside.

I prescribed ointments to the shop owners son.

I also prescribed medicine to the punk because of his sprained ankle.

He came to thank me for treating his injury.

I am not familiar with him at all.

I simply helped him out of consideration for another human being.

How come in the eyes of the class leader and my cousin they say Ive been associating with gangsters Such a vicious accusation is a cruel slander, isnt it”

With that said, Yun Xi looked at Li Sinuo with mocking eyes.

“Class leader, do you really hate me so much If I got accused of that, I could have been expelled.

You say I have no self-respect, but what about you slandering and framing me”

“What nonsense are you talking Obviously you yourself chose to associate with them, so what does it have to do with me…”

“Shut up!” Before Li Sinuo could finish speaking, Teacher Xu interrupted her coldly, not giving her a chance to say anything more nasty to Yun Xi .

“In the future, if you have no idea what youre talking about, dont say anything, and dont cause a fuss.

As the class leader, you should help facilitate good relationships between your classmates.

If Yun Xi had been wronged today, then she wouldve been punished, and you wouldve been the culprit for framing her.

You are all students in Class 3, so how could that benefit you as the class leader Dont you take me seriously as the homeroom teacher”

“Teacher Xu, I didnt frame her, she and those little punks…”

“Enough! They said they came here to show their gratitude, so what else do you want” Teacher Xu gave her a stern look and stopped her from continuing.

He didnt blame Yun Xi for anything, but he simply gave her a few words of advice.

“Dont interact with young people like that in the future.

It is very important since you are now in the last year of high school.”

“I know, Teacher Xu, I wont disrespect myself.”

When she said this, Yun Xi glanced at Li Sinuo.

She probably hadnt learned her lesson yet, and Li Sinuo shot daggers at her, as if she wished to send her to h*ll.

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