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Chapter 207: Stalking

The cost of getting into these kind of clubs wasnt low, and Liang Xinyi had few wealthy friends in Jingdu.

As someone of no status, she shouldnt have been able to get in at all, and she had no money to spend either.

“Lets go in and take a look!”

Zhao Yumo asked the driver to pull over and dragged Yun Xi into the club.

“They have a membership system.

You cant get in without a card, right”

Yun Xi wasnt fond of clubs like these.

Bad memories from her last life kept running through her mind.

“Dont worry, they wouldnt dare to stop me!”

Zhao Yumo gave her a confident look and led her to the entrance of the club.

She had just gotten to the door when the manager, who was just seeing some guests out, saw her.

Seeming surprised, she quickly came up to greet her.

“Mistress, why are you here”

Upon hearing the manager call her mistress, Yun Xi immediately understood that the Golden Leaf Club was the property of the Zhao family.

“Auntie Jun, my classmate and I were just passing by.

We thought we saw someone we knew, so we wanted to come in and take a look.

You wont tell my dad, will you”

Cheng Jun had watched this girl grow up.

Yumo had lost her mother when she was young, and Jun had treated her like her own daughter.

A place like this club was full of people who gossiped, so Auntie Jun didnt really want Zhao Yumo to go in at her young age.

“Have you had dinner yet Ill take you girls out to eat something.”

“Auntie Jun, just let us go in and see.

I promise not to cause trouble, and we will leave as soon as we find her.

If youre worried, we can just stay by your side.”

Upon seeing her hesitate, Zhao Yumo pulled at Cheng Juns arm and shook it.

“Auntie Jun…”

“All right, I really dont know what to do with you.

Little troublemaker, dont do anything wrong or I will have to deal with your dad.

Then you cant blame me for not helping you.”

“I know.

Auntie Jun, youre the best.”

Getting what she wanted, Zhao Yumo smiled slyly and followed Cheng Jun into the club.

Zhao Yumo was familiar with everyone who worked in the club so she quickly learned Liang Xinyis whereabouts.

Yun Xi quietly followed behind, giving Yumo a thumbs-up.

On the first floor of the club was a bar, on the second floor was the karaoke room, while on the third floor was the VIP box.

Yun Xi had been here several times in her previous life, and she vaguely remembered the layout.

Liang Xinyi had gone up to the deck on the second floor, and Zhao Yumo took Yun Xi upstairs on the other side, and the two hid behind the seats in the corner.

There was a golden crystal curtain partition between the areas, and coupled with colorful flashing neon lights, there was enough privacy.

Cheng Jun asked a waiter to bring them dinner and a fruit plate and insisted that Zhao Yumo go home only after shed finished eating.

The manager of the club was even more concerned about her well-being than a mother would have been.

Yun Xi felt a little envious.

Her own mother was worse than a wicked stepmother.

Seeing the envy in her eyes, Zhao Yumo pushed the food toward Yun Xi.

“My mother died early.

My dad is always busy and unwilling to remarry.

He was afraid that a stepmother would bully me.

Auntie Jun watched me grow up.

She took care of me most of the time when I was a child and then she became the club manager.”

“I think she is kind toward you and almost acts like your mother.”

Yumo nodded.

“Compared to your outrageous mother, shes much better.

I just dont understand.

You were in her stomach for nine months during her pregnancy.

How can your biological mother treat someone else better than you Goodness, its impossible to understand.”

“When I was young, a fortune-teller told her that I would become a scourge and I would jinx six relatives to death.

Being from the countryside, my mother was deeply superstitious, and her way of thinking cant be changed even after decades.

Plus, I originally had a younger brother, who was in my mothers stomach for five to six months.

For some reason she had a miscarriage.

She thought it was me who killed her son.

I have two younger sisters, but she will never bear a son, so you know how it is.”

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