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Chapter 209: Selfish

As soon as Yun Xi got home, she saw two large boxes full of imported snacks in the living room.

The boxes had been opened.

Liang Xinyi and Yun Ziling were sitting on the sofa eating snacks while watching TV.

The sofa and coffee table were full of snack bags.

Upon seeing Yun Xi come home, the housekeeper winked at her.

“The eldest lady is back.

Someone brought over these two boxes of things today and said they were for you.”

The housekeeper glanced at the opened boxes and deliberately raised the volume of her voice.

Yun Xi glanced at the boxes, then looked at the two people in the living room who were eating her snacks without asking her if it was okay, and sneered mockingly.

“Did the deliveryman say who had sent the boxes”

“The eldest son of the Chen family asked their butler to send them over.”

“Since they were given to me, wasnt it disrespectful to tear them open without asking for my permission”

“Miss, I didnt open them.

It was the second lady…I couldnt stop her…”

Yun Xi didnt want to embarrass the housekeeper, yet who knew that the housekeeper would be so honest and throw Yun Ziling under the bus at the first word from Yun Xi.

Before Yun Ziling could say anything, Liang Xiuqin came out of the kitchen carrying fruit, and she immediately began to defend her.

“What are you fussing about Everyone can enjoy the things that are delivered to the house.

Why do you have to draw such a clear line Ziling is your sister, so what if she eats some of the snacks Do you need to cause such a fuss Besides, with those two huge boxes, could you even finish them all on your own”

“Thats right, sister, you cant finish eating so many delicious snacks alone, and these are all imported snacks.

Youve been living in the countryside for so many years, youre probably not even used to eating them.

I will eat them for you.”

After saying that, Yun Ziling glanced at Liang Xiuqin.

“Mom, tell the housekeeper to move the boxes to my room.”

With Liang Xiuqin backing her, Yun Ziling had always been arrogant and defiant.

Shed tried her best to take advantage of Yun Xi, because why should the eldest son be so nice toward that scourge

These imported foods werent cheap, and she was reluctant to buy them.

Unexpectedly, the eldest son had brought two big boxes at once, and they were all snacks she liked to eat.

Since she was already deep into eating them, she couldnt even think about giving them back to Yun Xi.

“Yun Ziling, the eldest son gave me these.

Why do you think you can move them to your room Have you asked my permission”

“Youre not used to eating these kinds of snacks anyway.

Instead of wasting them, Id better eat them for you.

Besides, why do you have to cause such a fuss about me eating your snacks Im your younger sister, so as my older sister shouldnt you be more mature Arent you crossing the line by scolding me like that Since youre so upset, Ill stop eating, all right”

Yun Ziling looked at Liang Xiuqin with an aggrieved look and deliberately threw a large bag of shrimp chips onto the coffee table.

The shrimp chips spilled all over the leftover snack bags on the coffee table, making a mess.

Liang Xiuqin stepped forward and pulled at Yun Xi.

Yun Xi staggered and kicked out at one of the boxes.

“All she did was eat some of your snacks, but look at you! Who did you learn to be so selfish from Youve been living in the countryside for so many years, and eating such expensive imported snacks will only give you a stomachache.”

“Mom, since youre being so self-righteous, the next time the Jiangs second young master sends something to Yun Ziling, does that mean I can snatch it from her right in front of her too Or if I see a beautiful dress he gave her, I can wear it myself If she doesnt even understand the most basic etiquette on respecting other peoples property, do you really think shell be able to marry into such a distinguished family like the Jiang family Dont you know how high Madame Jiangs standards are”

Liang Xiuqin was furious upon hearing her precious daughter being mocked so contemptuously.

“Youve just come back from the countryside, so what would you know about standards.

I am the master of this house, so I have the right to do whatever I want to with whatever gets sent to this house.

I gave permission to tear open the box, so you can vent your anger on me.

Ziling has always been obedient and understanding, so even if youre jealous that the Jiang familys second young master looks down on you, dont take your frustrations out on Ziling.”

Yun Xi sneered.

She knew she couldnt count on reasoning with her mother any time in this life.

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