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Chapter 212: Clean Up the Battlefield for You

When other men attempted to woo women, they spoke sweetly and used euphemisms.

But this man in front of her had opened his mouth and made her the self-assured promise that he would give her a family that she could do anything she pleased with.

She knew that if a gentleman like him made such a promise, he would certainly abide by that promise.

He might have guessed what she wanted to do with the Han family, but he didnt try to stop her.

He neither arrogantly declared that he would acquire the Han Group, nor did he rush out to fight with them like a simpleminded youth.

Hed said he would provide a family for her and give her time to mature until she was ready to destroy the Han family.

Under the balanced situation in Jingdu, he wanted to pave the way for her and let her take care of it herself.

Such a man had righteousness and tenderness in his heart.

She couldnt help but think about Han Yaotian, who had only had money and personal benefits on his mind in her last life.

Why had she fallen so desperately in love with such a selfish and narrow-minded man back then

Now, upon restarting her life, she would no longer be so blind.

Hiding her emotions, Yun Xi suppressed the turmoil that was roiling her insides and raised her head with a carefree smile.

“If Im causing a ruckus on the front line, what about you, Young Marshal Mu”

“Me” Mu Feichi smiled and squeezed her pink cheek lightly.

“I will clean up the battlefield for you.”

“Im only a little soldier with no title.

How do I deserve the honor of making Young Marshal Mu dirty his own hands”

“Im willing to do so of my own free will.

You just focus on what you want to do.”

He touched her head again.

“Im going to be gone for a period of time, so be good.

If you cause too big of a mess and you cant clean it up on your own, go look for Qi Yuan.”

“Got it! Stop nagging me.

Its as if youre arranging your funeral or something!” Yun Xi nodded, not taking it too seriously.

Han Wanlings tricks werent too much for her to handle alone.

“Heartless thing!”

Upon seeing her nonchalant attitude, he also felt that taking care of Han Wanling wouldnt be that big a deal and she could handle it on her own.

It was already autumn.

The autumn climate in Jingdu was much drier than that of Yangcun.

When Yun Xi got up this morning, she saw a pimple on Yun Zilings cheek.

Yun Xi guessed that Yun Zilings skin was probably experiencing inflammation from eating all those nasty snacks, but she didnt care.

Pretending not to see, she went downstairs for breakfast.

Upon seeing Yun Xis contemptuous countenance, Yun Ziling, still thinking about the snacks that she had snatched from her yesterday, couldnt resist the urge to gloat.

“Sister, perhaps you were thinking about those snacks all night and you didnt sleep”

Yun Xi paused, turned her head, and glanced at Yun Ziling.

Then she snorted softly.

“Ive never been one to steal other peoples stuff.

Now, even if second young master Jiang likes you, do you see me stopping him Would I lose sleep over something so petty”

“Really Since you dont care, you might as well give me the jade pendant.

Second young master Jiang doesnt like you anyway.”

“Ive already told you that if you want the jade pendant, you have to go to the Chen familys house and steal it back.”

The jade seal had protected her and perhaps it would save her again in the future.

She wasnt stupid enough to let them take advantage of her.

“You…” Not getting what she wanted, Yun Ziling stomped her foot in anger and went downstairs.

Her second aunt had brought her husband over for breakfast today.

Seeing Yun Xi coming down, she hurried over.

“Yun Xi, come quickly! Ive bought you your favorite shrimp dumplings and red bean cake.”

“Second aunt, is there any good news today You seem so happy.”

Yun Xi turned her head and glanced at her second uncle, who was sitting on the sofa.

Second uncle had poor health and usually appeared ailing.

However, his complexion appeared healthy today, and he looked so relaxed that one couldnt tell he was a patient suffering from a chronic illness.

“Ive come here today with your second uncle to thank you.

The medicine you prescribed has been really effective.

Its not only cured your second uncles cough, but even all his minor illnesses.

Look at how healthy your second uncle is now, how energetic.”

Yun Xi stepped forward and took her second uncles wrist to take his pulse.

His pulse was steady and gradually becoming stronger.

“Great, it seems that the Chinese medicine my second uncle drank recently has started to work.”

“Yes, yes, yes! The medicine you prescribed is really effective.

He used to cough as soon as autumn arrived, but, look at him, he doesnt cough anymore.

This is all thanks to you.

We came here today to thank you.”

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