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Chapter 228: Instead of Doing What He Was Supposed to, He Created a Lot of Trouble for Her

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Yun Xis countenance looked extremely cold.

Curling her lips mockingly, she had a certain self-righteousness in her aloof expression.

“Obviously, I am the innocent one here.

The surveillance cameras have captured all your actions, so no matter what excuses you try to make, it wont work.”

Liang Xinyi glared at her, but Han Wanling, who hadnt spoken yet, walked over.

Han Wanling looked at Yun Xi, sneered sarcastically, then raised her chin and put on a haughty attitude.

“You say you are innocent, but who knows whether or not you really are.

Surveillance cameras have blind spots.

If you were standing in a surveillance blind spot, you might not have been captured by those surveillance cameras.

Maybe your class leader followed you here and your theft was exposed, so you pushed her into the classroom and ran away… You stole many things and then blackmailed your cousin into giving them away.

Naturally, you wouldnt be seen in the surveillance footage, which only captured your accomplices.

Speaking of which, arent you the mastermind behind the scenes”

Yun Xi did not deny anything and nodded calmly.

“Even if I had been captured by the surveillance camera, what I just said still stands.”

Yun Xi smiled.

She then turned to look at the principal and the police officer before finally, her gaze fell on the arrogant Han Wanling.

“If I was the mastermind behind the scenes, I really want to know, what did I do to get Liang Xinyi to sacrifice herself for the password Dont you see how much she wishes to kill me now Would she have been so obedient If I am the mastermind behind everything, where is the evidence”

“If you want evidence, the police will find it! You probably wont be able to distance yourself from what happened today.”

Yun Xi shrugged and looked unintimidated.

At this moment, Officer Xiao Tangs cell phone rang.

He answered the phone and hung up after hearing a few sentences.

“Boss, the gangster has been caught.

He was right downstairs.”

Han Wanling raised her eyebrows and looked at Yun Xi triumphantly.

“Since hes been caught, lets take all of them back to the police station for an interrogation.”

Officer Xiao Tang stood up and said with a blank expression, “Miss Han, the person was caught in your car.”

“What” Han Wanlings face immediately sank.

“What do you mean”

“Just now, our people found the punk in your car and retrieved the stolen goods.”

“You… you mean he broke into my car to steal something”

Officer Xiao Tang chuckled lightly, but he didnt answer her question.

“We wont know whether or not thats the case until we go downstairs.”

Everyone walked downstairs.

As they got to the corner of the stairs, Yun Xi raised her eyes and looked at Jiang Henglin, who was walking at the end of the line of people, right in front of her.

He hadnt said a word from the beginning to end of this entire episode.

What surprised her even more was that he hadnt taken the slightest opportunity to put a nail in her coffin.

It was inexplicable!

She knew how he really was, and she really thought he wouldve thrown her under the bus and made sure she couldnt get back up.

A silent Jiang Henglin made her feel a little apprehensive.

If he was observing her in order to familiarize himself with his enemy so he could wait for a moment of weakness, then she would really have to keep her guard up.

As the saying went, “Im not scared that youre stupid, but that youre too smart.”

In the parking lot outside the academic building, several police officers were gathered around a Porsche.

Xiang Yuanjiu, who had been sitting in the passenger seat, saw the group of people coming down and pushed open the door to get out of the car.

As soon as he climbed out, he was subdued by the police.

He was still wearing the backpack that had been given to him by Liang Xinyi.

“Miss Han, I got everything you told me to steal.

Its all here.”

Xiang Yuanjiu freed himself from the police, put the backpack in the front of the car, and took out one of the laptops inside.

“Why are there so many police officers here Why are you being so treacherous We agreed that I would steal these things for you, and you would send me whatever money you owe me.”

“What nonsense are you talking about” Xiang Yuanjiu being in her car had already baffled Han Wanling.

Upon hearing what hed just said, she could no longer remain calm, and she felt lava-like rage boiling inside her.

Did this idiot know what he was doing

Shed told him to run as soon as he got the stuff, but who wouldve thought that he would choose to take off in her car Instead of doing what he was supposed to, he had created a lot of trouble for her.

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