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Chapter 230: Desperation

“You shut up! Dont you want the remaining money that I owe you”

“Who cares I would rather watch you go to jail than get your money.

Yun Xi has saved me, and I would never be so ungrateful as to scheme against her.”

“You…” Han Wanlings eyes were full of fury.

Unable to suppress her rage, she rushed forward to grab the recording device from Yuanjius hands.

A police officer who was standing to one side of Yuanjiu saw this and rushed forward to stop Han Wanling.

“What are you doing Are you going to beat up someone in front of the police”

Officer Xiao Tang restrained Han Wanling as he looked at her with contempt.

“Miss Han, moments ago you were rallying everyone to catch the thief despite being the thief yourself.

Now, youre willing to do anything at all out of your desperation”

Infuriated, Han Wan glared at the police officer who had clasped her by the wrist with rage in her eyes, “Who do you think you are Take your dirty hands off of me!”

“You are now suspected of theft, so please come with us to the police station!”

“Get away from me! Dont you see that he is setting me up If you dare arrest me, I will make you regret it.”

If she was arrested and taken to the police station, the entire Jingdu area would find out about it tomorrow, and she wouldnt be able to stay in her social circle anymore.

Officer Xiao Tang sneered and retorted unceremoniously, “Threatening to assault a policeman is also a crime, Miss Han.

Burning bridges isnt good for anyone.

Besides, you have so many friends here today.

Do you really want them to see you in such an unsightly state”

Han Wanling turned her head and glared at Officer Xiao Tang viciously.

“As a policeman, you have quite a sharp tongue.

Perhaps youre a fake policeman Or were you sent by that b*tch to take part in this charade”

Officer Xiao Tang seemed to have been expecting that she would say something ridiculous like this, and he pulled out his police officers ID from the pocket of his jacket.

“Open your eyes to see this clearly.

Its illegal to pretend to be a police officer.”

Upon seeing the badge, name, and photo on the police officers ID, Han Wan felt exasperated and resentful.

Shed originally thought that everything was going smoothly according to her plans, and shed finally had a chance to ruin that little b*tch Yun Xi.

She had had no idea that that idiot Xiang Yuanjiu was going to betray her.

Even Liang Xinyi and Li Sinuo, two dumb b*tches whod given her lots of trouble instead of doing what they were told, had dragged her down.

She had been penny wise, but pound foolish, in her scheme, and she had suffered extreme public humiliation today.

The principal looked at this woman who had appeared so respectable moments before, but who was now exposed as a conceited thief, and his expression turned serious.

“I guess it turns out that Miss Han didnt sincerely want to sponsor our school, but wanted to conspire against our students.

We dont need your things, and I, as the principal, will never allow someone to slander and harm our schools students.”

With that said, the principal turned to look at the policeman who was standing near Miss Han.

“Please deal with todays matter impartially.

As for the two students who stole…”

As soon as the principal had finished speaking, Liang Xinyi and Li Sinuo realized that the matter was deadly serious, and they rushed forward.

“Principal, I know what I did was wrong.

She bribed me into stealing the computers.”

Liang Xinyi pointed at Han Wanling, and she started shedding crocodile tears, trying to gain the principals sympathy.

Li Sinuo was even more flustered and incoherent.

“Principal, please dont let them take me to the police station.

She, she told me to lure Yun Xi into the multimedia classroom and frame her for stealing things.

It really had nothing to do with me…I did nothing…”

The principal glanced at Yun Xi.

He felt embarrassed and humiliated, and even more, utterly ashamed.

“There is hard evidence against all of you.

You all should go to the police station.”


Li Sinuo knew the consequences of going to the police station, and her eyes grew red with terror as her tears fell.

“Teacher Xu, I was wrong, please help me.

I dont want to go to the police station…”

Once one entered the police station, one would have a criminal record.

With that record, it would be very difficult to even apply for a university, let alone look for a job in the future.

She was from a poor family, and all her parents hopes were centered on her.

If she didnt get into a good university, it would be very difficult for them to establish themselves in Jingdu.

She was unwilling to resign herself to being in a submissive position to others, nor was she willing to work herself to death without ever establishing a name for herself for the rest of her life.

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