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Chapter 232: Well Done!

“Cousin, if you did something wrong, you will have to suffer the consequences.

You have always wished I was dead, so why should I demean myself by being merciful toward someone who would just as easily turn around and repay me by doing me harm I have warned you more than once.

Can you blame me because you didnt pay attention to my warnings”

“My dad and mom raised you for so many years, but now youre going to thank them by sending me to jail”

“Your parents, not you, raised me.

Even if you go to jail, I will take care of them for you.”

She didnt tell Liang Xinyi that minors would likely only be lightly punished for these crimes.

As long as her dad got her released on bail, it wouldnt be difficult for her to stay out of jail.

Yun Xi didnt want to let her know this at this time.

She wanted Liang Xinyi to worry and be fearful for a while, so that maybe shed finally learn a lesson.

“You…you are too ungrateful!”

“Our Yun family took you in, and you still conspired to frame me.

The accusation of being ungrateful is more suitable for you.”

Not wanting to talk nonsense with Liang Xinyi, Yun Xi turned her head and glanced at Han Wanling, who appeared sheepish and sulky.

When shed first arrived here, shed appeared so proud and arrogant, dignified and graceful, but, at this moment, her face looked sullen and exasperated.

She no longer had the elegance and aura of a wealthy socialite.

She appeared especially unsightly.

“Miss Han, I have the same words for you.

If you are trying to incriminate someone, you better make sure youre not guilty of anything first.”

Upon seeing Han Wanlings savage grimace as a reply to her statement, Yun Xi smiled airily.

After winning this battle, she could finally show a little joy over her triumph.

She looked at her homeroom teacher.

“Teacher Xu, I have another class, so Im going to go to class now.”

“Okay, go quickly! I will take care of things here.”

“Thank you, teacher!”

Turning around, Yun Xi glanced at Yuanjiu.

She then turned away without a word.

With her skirt swaying, her upright posture, and her graceful figure, she really looked like a lady who had walked out of a painting.

After the charade had come to an end, Yun Xi watched the police car driving away from an upstairs window.

She felt slightly relieved.

Yang Lu, who was standing next to her, looked at her, then at Li Sinuo and Liang Xinyi, who were being taken away by the police.

She felt so happy that she almost jumped up and down.

After holding back for a long time, she finally said, “Ah, ah, Yun Xi, you are so cool! Well done!”

Yun Xi had told her not to say anything.

She hadnt dared to speak, for fear that Yun Xis plan would be ruined.

Now, however, after watching such an entertaining charade, the urge to say something had almost suffocated her.

Yun Xi smiled, and her clear eyes shone with her self-confidence.

“Little gimmicks, nothing to brag about…”

“I wonder why Xiang Yuanjiu helped you”

“Because Ive also helped him.

I not only helped but also saved him.

He himself also said that he isnt an ungrateful person.”

“Well, thats how it was then! It serves them all right.

Li Sinuo and Liang Xinyi dug their own graves.

I didnt expect Liang Xinyi to…actually…”

Yun Xi touched her forehead.

“I didnt really expect that either.

When word of all this reaches my house, there is going to be another entertaining charade when I get home tonight.”

“Its a pity that I wont be able to see it! I hope they wont try to blame everything on you or harass you either.”

“Dont worry.

It wont be that easy for them to scapegoat me.”

What Han Wanling hadnt expected was that outside the police station, the paparazzi, who had been informed by Yun Xi about the situation, were waiting for her.

Han Wanlings crime, which consisted of incitement to others to commit crimes, wasnt actually that serious, and she was soon released on bail after her lawyer negotiated with the police.

As soon as she came out, however, droves of microphones and cameras were pointed in her face.

In the police station, Xiao Tang had been watching the commotion outside.

He glanced toward Liang Xinyi, Li Sinuo, and Xiang Yuanjiu, who were still being interrogated.

He then walked out on a balcony and took out his phone to make a call.

After the call was connected, he could hear someone blabbering in a foreign language that he did not understand.

He listened silently, and it took a while for him to hear the voice of the owner of the phone.

“Boss, the deed has been done.”

“Well, the girl wasnt hurt, right”

“This girl is very clever.

She came out of the situation completely clean, and she also took care of Han Wanling.

At this moment, a large number of paparazzi are outside the police station, and it is easy to anticipate what tomorrows headlines will be.”

“Okay, I see.

Liang Xinyi is not to be released on bail.

Let her stay in the police station for a few days to teach her a lesson.”

“All right, got it!”

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